2016 Kickr Power Drift

Not sure if I’m suffering from a technique issue, settings issue or equipment issue. During longer VO2 intervals my target power starts to fall off and the harder I pedal the more it falls and I end up going from my target 90rpm up to 110 to remotely keep power on target. It’s a bit better with smaller front ring and a bit more resistance, but the last quarter of my interval always turns into a downward power slide as I fight ERG mode. Higher the target power the worse the issue.

Today I switched over to manual resistance for the last few intervals and I was able to keep my power on target with just 3-5rpm increase and 1-2 gear shifts.

This made me wonder if during VO2 ERG intervals that I may still need to shift gears to keep the power on target? Anyone have suggestions, ideas to try?

Can you share a link to a related workout to review?

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Are you using PowerMatch?

I’ve got a Kickr 2017 direct drive, and using TR PowerMatch with Stages LR crank-based power meter. My ftp is lower than yours, VO2max intervals at 294W target versus your 348W: Power Match seems OK but not great - tips and tricks I'm missing? - #8 by bbarrera

Although not needed due to PowerMatch, I usually stop after 10 minutes and do a Kickr spin down.

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Usually I just leave Power Match enabled. Did spin down and calibrate about halfway point today and didn’t seem to do much for me today. I’ll go review the link you posted and see if anything lines up to what I’m seeing.

I’d recommend reaching out to Support at support@trainerroad.com. They should be able to look into your log files to see if anything weird is happening with PowerMatch :slight_smile:

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