Does this look normal...single side PM, power match on Kickr

I’m using my 4iiii crank power meter (with a pretty fresh battery) to drive my Wahoo Kickr in erg mode. All on bluetooth too. I often find my interval average power to be a few % lower than target and there are typically low spikes, like in the pic here.

It may be related, but I find it takes a while to ramp up the power too. I try to stay consistent with cadence and let erg do its thing but it can take 15-30 seconds to get up to power for intervals.

I know the power graph won’t be smooth, but wondering if there’s anything going on here? Does this look normal for folks with a similar set up? Any settings I should be looking at?


Those large downward spikes seem a bit odd but otherwise not too crazy. Data smoothing makes it look like a perfect graph, when in reality, its probably closer to yours. There is some loss of accuracy by only having a single sided meter so that can account for some of it.

I think the power lag on the kickr is coming from the kickr and not your meter. I use the onboard power on my kickr and I get that sometimes. It was bad enough previously that I opened a ticket with wahoo and TR. Interestingly, the TR support was more helpful at getting my wahoo sorted out than the guys at wahoo!

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Hard to say for sure but it looks ok/normal. Except for threshold progression on endurance :rofl: just kidding

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I have a similar-ish setup. TACX Flux 2 and a Stages Gen 3 FSA powermeter. I do everything in ERG.

Ramp up delay differs depending on the type of interval and its intensity. Typically the delay is between 3-8 seconds. My interval average power is almost always 2-3 watts lower on sustained efforts and 10-15 watts on bursts. This is consistent and I’ve learned not to chase the efforts.

My onscreen graphs resemble yours but, I don’t see the large power dropouts.

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I switched to a Kickr v4 from a dumb trainer (power match from a one sided assioma) this year and that looks pretty similar to what I’m seeing.
Had a conversation with support and they assured me all is good so I’m going to trust them and just pedal…

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Looks about right. Pretty much what mine looks like using just the kickr core and no power match

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Kickr core + 4iiii left with powermatch

With shorter intervals, sometimes the interval avg is a few watts off, specially if it goes from 120 to 360 watts for example. On longer intervals, it’s 0, 1 or 2 watts off.


Powermatch settings:

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In addition… Which gear are you in? I find that the small ring gives a better response.

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34T 1x on my gravel bike and I aim for a pretty straight chainline.

Thanks all for the help!! Sounds like there’s not much to stress about here.

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