ERG Issues - anyone else ever get this

I do have an open ticket with support already for this but wondering if others experience this as well or if this is truly an isolated issue.

I’m getting a consistent issue with intervals where there is a marked change in target wattage (ie. from recovery to threshold) where the first minute of the interval is 30-40w above target before it finally gets itself in line and comes onto target and tracks properly.

I’ve done all the TR support suggested fixes and it continues to occur, and its making any of these efforts unachievable without dropping target intensity down. For this workout (Fang Mountain +3) it basically added an additional “over” to every set which eventually just became too much.

ANyone else seeing this?

2014 KICKR on powermatch to 4iiii
Bluetooth connection and have disabled ANT connection

I have the same issues. hasn’t caused me to have to adjust the workout intensity though but for my workout today(McAdie +1) it basically meant starting out each set with a 3 minute over instead of a 1 minute under.

I’ve tried to let the resistance drop my cadence (this seemed to prolong the time for it to ‘PowerMatch’ but with a smaller overshoot)

I’ve tried powering through the resistance change and maintain my cadence(this resulted in a large overshoot, but would seem to shorten the duration of the overshoot)

I’m assuming it is part of the limitation current ‘PowerMatch’ function. @Nate_Pearson has commented that they are working on an improved function.

Yes similar issues with Tacx Flow Smart and 4iiii powermeter. I put it down to cheaping out on my trainer…but maybe not? Not a big deal for me at the moment in SSB will have to see what it’s like in Build. I find if I raise my cadence 5-10 rpm just before the interval it isnt as pronounced.

I’m running a Stages L Gen 3 and an original Hammer. I also am concerned how this will work with VO2 work.

Just out of interest, what happen if you have powermatch turned off? Have your 4iiii still reporting etc but not matched.

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then you get the nonsense kickr readings that is nowhere near accurate.

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i get a similar issue. the start of every workout involves a resistance spike. This can then occur as much as every 3 minutes on some workouts but usually less. I also find that on the lower resistance periods, i cannot reduce the power to the target.

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If you can’t get the power low enough, you might need to shift down, even in erg mode.

An yeah, I had the same thing as the OP with the same workout I think.

i’m pretty sure i’ve tried that but i’ll try it again. thanks

True but then you could identify if powermatch was the problem perhaps…? Another option is to match your kickr to your meter within the wahoo app then turn off powermatch on TrainerRoad? Maybe that might reduce the issue.?

Put yourself in the Small Ring up front and then under Settings set your Power Smoothing to 10 to 20 seconds.

I did this and it solved the issue with my Power2Max NG and KICKR17! :wink:

Didn’t work. Just did 2x20min. Did the first I. Big ring and second in little ring. No difference.
This seems like a recent issue to within the last 10 days or so. Never had this befoee

Did some testing during this 3x20 HUNTER set, its pretty apparent the setup doesn’t seem to make a difference because you get the same result with multiple things being changed

Email Support is your Next Best Option!

Already have a ticket open. I’m more curious to see if others experience the same issue, which it sounds like they are.

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Yup. here Is today’s Galena(3x20)

If your kickr is really off (and potentially off in inconsistent ways), I would think this would make it harder for powermatch to work.
When doing a big jump like that, it has to tell the trainer ‘go to power K’, which it thinks is going to actually give power I (for Kicker and iiii in your case). It learns/adapts to the difference over time. What this looks like to me is that what it learns at lower powers doesn’t apply at higher powers, and vice versa. If you look at the transitions to low power in your fang mountain they have he same issue - power is too high at the start and then corrects itself.
I think if you record trainer power on a head unit, and IIII power on TR (as you do now) and compare these on or with the DRC analyzer it will shed more light on what is actually going on. We’ll get to see what power your kickr thinks you are doing, which ‘should’ be a reasonable approximation of what power it has been configured to. By doing this you can get more insight into the control loop that powermatch is implementing and what it is doing in these specific circumstances.
Also, doing a ride without powermatch and recording/comparing both power readings will give you a good idea of how different they are, and if their difference is consistent, which will effect how good powermatch can be.

My understanding of power smoothing (and @mcneese.chad or someone else can correct me if i am wrong so i dont pass along bad info) is all power smoothing does is show your power target in a form of “averaging” similiar to how garmin does the 3s, 5s, 10s, and doesn’t actually change your power targetting, just how sensitive the target “ball” is to variations in actual power applied.

The smoothing applies to the “live” power in the digital display, and isn’t “target” related. But it is effectively like the Garmin smoothing since it’s a rolling average of the power data.

It’s meant to keep the live power from bouncing around too fast or wildly, as to distract the rider. Higher numbers leads to more stable live power display.

But longer also means that deliberate changes in power are also delayed. So a balance between fast and slow is best, and varies with the power data device, since some update faster than others.

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I have the same problem, but it’s intermittent and made much worse with using the large chain ring. I have a Stages left-side power meter (gen 2) and a Wahoo Kickr Snap. With this setup, it takes up to 30 seconds for the trainer to adjust the resistance, meaning that at the start of a SS/threshold/V02 workout, I am doing 20 to 30watts above target before the trainer adjusts (can take up to 30 seconds). If am doing VO2 intervals, this extra 10% can be brutal.

The problem is lessened by using the small chain ring, but the lag also means that I find my cadence is being dragged down during the interval (as raising my cadence means overshooting the power for 15 to 30s due to the lag.

In some cases, I drop out to resistance mode. Especially if I want to work at a higher than normal cadence.