Energy Cost of Recovery, Training Camps and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 324

Very excited to have a new guest-host with us tomorrow, Orange Seal Off-Road Team’s Hannah Finchamp!

We know we burn energy in training, but what about when we recover? What processes happen in your body and how much energy does it take? In this episode we’ll cover this and go into the do’s and don’ts of training camps with two pros from the Orange Seal Off-Road Team, Hannah Finchamp and Alex Wild!

Youtube Live Video:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Intro 00:14
  • Why do pro athletes still have elevated breathing rates on the podium? 13:07
  • What happens in your body after a hard effort 17:04
  • Is your caloric burn still elevated after training? 29:19
  • Adjusting training for high-stress situations 1:22:44
  • A guide to planning training camps from the pros 1:31:32
  • When should you increase training volume? 1:43:10
  • Is harder training actually better training? 1:50:29
  • Live questions and answers 2:01:54

Studies Mentioned in This Episode

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E-Jonathan vs Alex Showdown

@AlexWild and @Jonathan are game for it.

Who’s got a good XC course for them?

I think the course should have some tight XC corners and some stretches that’ll require Jonathan to ride over 32km/h (is that the Levo SL assist limit as well?).

Post Cape Epic battle for the ages.

Anyone make that Playlist yet


Not sure if here is the place for playlist suggestions but I completely agree with @Jonathan - Self vs Self by Pendulum really gets the pedals turning! Voodoo People by The Prodigy (Pendulum mix) is my go to when toughing out intervals!

Loving the insightful content.

Me as an FTP test newbie : shouting “Alexa play Ten Tonne Skeleton”
Alexa: “I don’t know that one.” In a smarmy voice

I switched to CDs after that.

The EPOC discussion was very interesting. Cool to have Hannah on as well.


Chad’s comment about fearing (parts of) your upcoming weeks training was interesting.

It’s a funny line to thread, I’ve definitely had weeks where I’m confident, though know there’s sessions I’m going to have to get everything right for. At the moment I’m getting weeks that I’m pretty intimidated by.

Makes me wonder if I don’t train hard enough sometimes, but it’s hard when sometimes the fear for the workouts ahead is the fatigue being carried into them.


:100: this

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what were the songs of the ppl in the podcast? can’t find the part anymore

Here’s the playlist!

Direct Link


@chad thanks for a reminding me that growth is meant to be challenging. Just in base phase at the minute and really struggling to get on the bike because I know its going to be bad.

Regarding safe way of keeping your keys. I use a small snaplink / carbine hook and put them around the brace on the bibs. Out of the way and 100% secure