Elite Suito power fluctuaction in ERG mode

Hi there,

I was just looking at my ramp test data i have done today and noticed that power fluctuation on each step looks somewhat too big for my taste. Closer look showed that at the extremes it was +60W / -90W from the target power! The picture looks as follows:

BTW, i did not notice such fluctuation during the test itself, it was normal +/- 10W, what I used to see during training in ERG. Also, did not feel such jumps in resistance.

Checked recent rides and it was on Z2 rides and with some more fluctuation during recent VO2max ride, but not that extreme.

What could it be? I did not calibrated the trainer before the test, as i don’t do this every time, just once a while (recently maybe 2 weeks ago).

I think this will be helpful. Short answer is that your graph looks normal for a Suito ramp test. From Bkool Smart Pro to Elite Suito

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Thanks @KBryan416!

My Suito doesn’t seem that bad, but then it is power matched to Assiomas:

@RecoveryRide, good point. I should offer more context for the OP to understand my comment. I’m an Assioma user, too, and my charts certainly now look more like yours than his. That said, his chart is more reminiscent of mine before I got my PM pedals; the Suito (i.e., by itself, no powermatch) admittedly does not present as pretty a picture as other smart trainers. Probably what’s most important is that the OP understands that what he’s seeing isn’t representative of what he really got from his workout. The post-ride analysis is what really matters. Thoughts? And a happy, healthy New Year to all.

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I think this is pretty much spot on. I’d still power match if possible, but I don’t think there’s a serious issue just using the trainer without.

Edit: and a happy and healthy new year to you too.

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Thanks both for looking into this further. Coincidentally, I have Assiomas (Uno) as well and was thinking about power match, but as I was already training for some time without I didn’t go for it ultimately, to keep my history consistent (and knowing Suito should be within 2,5% +/-).

One question though - you @KBryan416 wrote “most important is that the OP understands that what he’s seeing isn’t representative of what he really got from his workout” and I’m not sure i got this right - do you mean that what I see on the attached picture is not what I’m getting from the workout OR during the workout i got smoothed out data and what really happens is what I see on the picture?

Happy New Year to both of you, @RecoveryRide & @KBryan416!

Have you tried changing gears? The trainer be could struggling to smoothly regulate the power above and below certain gear ratios and cadence.

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@mkop, I guess my point was that it sounds like your workout summary reflected what you expected and that the ride itself didn’t feel like the ride profile (your picture) looked. In other words, more like the first answer in your above comment. I use the Assioma-Suito powermatch, and like you I only see +/-10W fluctuations. Hope I answered your question. Still, I would agree that your fluctuations are larger than mine, and yet they seem to average out to to meet the power profile on each step of the ramp test. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks for clarification @KBryan416 :slight_smile: as you see usual smaller dluctuactions - do you calibrate the trainer every time?

@BagzI dod not, as during the workout i didnt feel like these fluctuations happen (and surely i’m not strong enough to overlook +50W :wink: Thanks for hint - i will check this with similar trainings last year (i was using then small ring while this year i use big one).

What gearing are you using? I have an Elite Direto and get problems like that if I’m in my big front ring. Small front ring is all good.

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No I go with big one in the front and mid cog in the back, to be more specific to the way I ride (99% flat).

That’s different this year, as winter/spring 2020 I was using small one in the front. Indeed that makes the difference - I just checked and year ago when using small ring the fluctuations were much smaller, max +/- 30W but rather rarely, usually within 10-20W. I wasn’t calibrating the trainer each time either.

I calibrate once a month. From what I’ve read, calibration isn’t as critical if powermatch is used. Still, I like to make sure the trainer is performing to spec just in case I have a powermatch issue and need to fall back to the (non-powermatch) trainer-only mode.

This is how it looks on my Elite Suito - no “powermatch”:

Nice one - were you on a big ring or small?

32 at the front and ~26 at the back. Gear choice makes a huge difference for me - way smoother in lower gears.

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This is mine.

I always do my ramp tests in the small ring and mid of cassette. I do my workouts in the big ring, mid cassette…however i calibrate my trainer every time i jump on it. Once it connects, i calibrate it.

I did loose BT connection towards the end for a split second which was annoying but i rarely get that.

I don’t use power match or anything the power is simply from the trainer.

Out of curiosity, why do you test in one gear combo, and train in a different one?

I always use to train and test in the small ring. But recently i spent 4/5 weeks training sweet spot and threshold stuff in the big ring (52/36) and never felt the need to drop it back to the small ring.

I was going to test in the big ring, but didn’t want to skew my FTP. As I have always tested in the small ring. Should I be testing in the big ring too? Since I started training (10th Oct) again i have gone from 210 to 241 all tests where in the small ring but training was in the big ring.

But this happens now on my outdoors rides.

Where i feel I spent a lot of time way above my previous FTP.

It’s going to be interesting now, as I am not off my Summer 2020 PB of 251 and will continue to train in the big ring, see how I get on i guess. May have to test in the big ring.

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  • Up to you, but I feel it is best to test and train using the same gearing when possible.
  • It’s fine to use different gearing at times in ERG, and I do it for specific reasons in my training. But I test in the same exact gear I use for 80-90% of my training. It’s a matter of consistency at the least.
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