From Bkool Smart Pro to Elite Suito

Hello everyone,

I wish you all a merry xmas.

Speaking about christmas, yesterday I had the pleasure to discover my wife offered me a new home trainer, the Elite Suito-T - I was always complaining about the inacurracy of my Bkool, she was probably fed up with that.

I tried the FTP ramp test this morning after warming the home trainer up for 10 minutes on Zwift and leading the calibration both via the Elite app and TrainerRoad. This ramp test was very strange, the power was not stable at all, yet I used Erg mode (in Bluetooth).

Here you can see a picture of the training, as you can see the power is very unstable.

I need your help

I have had a Direto or Direto X for the last 2 years…and a Qubo before that. Elite trainers don’t seem to “lock you in” to the prescribed wattage like a Kickr would. It has some degree of “float” to it and you can override the prescribed wattage if you want.

Ignore the little variances…it evens out in the end if you keep a steady effort. Also, remember that most people have smoothing on for their Kickrs, which gives an unrealistic view of smooth power. Even Kickrs have some degree of stochastic variation.


Exactly this. Your graph is perfectly normal for the Suito, says this Suito user.


Agreed, here’s a recent ramp from my Suito:


(In my TR app I have 3-second power smoothing turned on, so the live wattage display shows me my 3-second average. That helps me concentrate on riding steadily instead of reacting to every spike and dip.)


Just one thing, i noticed that most trainers would be better at “sticking” to a certain wattage once you’re in the small ring in the front and mid-to-left on the cassette in the back. That way, the flywheel doesn’t rotate as fast and its easier for the trainer to adjust quickly.