Elite Suito - Erg Issue


I am new to the smart trainer world. I have an Elite Suito. I am able to connect to the program, calibrate the speed, place in ERG mode, but when I go to do the ramp test I am not getting increasing resistance. I have completed it 4 times now and am unable to figure out the issue. I also, connect with zwift because it came with 1 mo free, and the resistance works fine with the free rides - simulating mountain climbs. I can’t find any fix for trainerroad at this time. I have also completed two other workouts and no increase in resistance. I connect via blue tooth and have tried both my phone and my computer without success. Any advice welcomed! Thank you for your time and help.

hm I have an Elite Suito as well and it works flawlessly. I guess it’s best if you contact TR support and/or Elite support. They can help figure out technical problems.


How far into the ramp test are you going before you stop and are you stopping because you cannot achieve target power due to lack of resistance?

Additionally have you connected to the Upgrado app to check if you have a firmware update?