Elite Suito changing resistance up and down on resistance mode

I have just purchased an Elite Suito. Its my first ever smart trainer having been using a dumb wheel on trainer and trainer road from September. My issue is when I use resistance mode, (I see the default setting is 50%) and according to what I read the resistance is suppose to stay the same , however this is not the case. The resistance goes up and down and its impossible to keep the power at the required level. I tried to do a ramp test to get FTP and the power curve is ALL over the place. I ended up doing the FTP in ERG mode which was much much smoother but I got a lot lower FTP result.
So my question simply is " why is my Suito adding and taking resistance away when its supposed to be set at a certain level?

Make absolutely certain that you only have one device connected to your Suito. If you have more than one app/device connected (like one on ANT+ and one on BLE), they can “fight” each other and create inconsistent results.

So, if you did a prior connection to any other app or device, you want to kill those and make certain that TR is the only one accessing the trainer.


So turns out this was the case, as I had been using ANT+ on my old dumb turbo I still had the ANT stick in my laptop and yes the trainer was connected to both at the same time. Removed the ANT stick, got my self a blue tooth heart rate monitor and wheyheyy we are working smoothly. Thanks


Also make sure the firmware is updated using the app :+1:

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Hi, I just installed Trainerroad yesterday so I still need to get acustomed to the app. However, upon trying to calibrate my Suito I am getting a timeout after I stop pedalling. Did you encounter the same issue?

I suspect you are best to calibrate in the Elite app.

I have a suito and if you are trying to calibrate you need to do the following.
Do so using a mobile device. (it wont let you from the TR PC app, at least it wont let me)
Spin the speed up to 24 MPH (even though it says 14) No issues for me if you do that.

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