Elite Rampa ERG mode - power changes but resistance stays the same

I’m trying to get an Elite Rampa working in ERG mode. When I do a workout the resistance stays absolutely the same while my output power changes. TR even displays my output power as if the unit is changing, but it doesn’t. I have found almost zero information about this trainer online, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you contacted support@trainerroad.com yet?

Outside of that, we would need to see your device pairing screen and maybe a completed workout to be of any help here.

thanks, no i haven’t i figured i’d check here first to see if anyone has experience with these trainers. i’m trying to get it set up for a friend and already spending more time on this than i want to.

The team is super quick to respond, and has the best insight to any applicable troubleshooting steps based upon the full scope of your devices. Hit 'em up! :sunglasses: