Elite JUSTO Smart Trainer



I’m not a fan of its look, but man, this quote from DCR is a really nice step forward:
“However, one super cool new feature I’ve never seen before is Elite’s new Easy Start feature in ERG mode. For those familiar, if you’re in ERG mode doing intervals, and the doorbell ding-dongs and you jump to get your non-descript cardboard box, when you return, it can be nearly impossible to start pedaling again. There’s a massive amount of resistance on most trainers when you go from 0 cadence with the system set for 250w (or whatever value). It’s very challenging.

But the new Easy Start feature kicks in when the flywheel stops rotating, and automatically removes the resistance temporarily. Once you start pedaling again, it gives you roughly 3-4 seconds before re-applying the previously set resistance. It’s super practical, and makes me wonder why on earth this hasn’t been a thing for the last 20 years.”

That’s a big improvement for lighter riders who can’t just muscle their body weight and also, I could see this saving me on a workout I would have failed in the past, where you just need a quick break to get yourself back in the game on super hard intervals.


This can also be sorted in software. “That other” platform disables ERG for a short period if it detects the rider is in the spiral of death, or stopped, iirc. It’ll engage again after a few seconds (~10?) of pedalling.


Did they buy up and re-use all the 60’s school film projector bodies? Not a bad idea, those things were built like freaking tanks.


yeah, I’m pretty sure Trainerroad does this or maybe my Neo does it. If I wait long enough for the workout to pause, like completely stopped, I never have trouble getting going again with Trainerroad.


Yeah, I think TR has done this for a while. I may have to try an A/B test between TR & Z for comparison to see if they differ.

I can’t say 100% as it’s quite a while since I have stopped in an interval but I think you’re right about TRs control over ERG and seems to be disabled for a few seconds mid workout when you have to pause. What gets me is right at a start of a sessions warm up and Elite ramps up the ERG resistance straight away before I have had a chance to pedal and TR to take over. I tend to do workouts on a pc so I can easily toggle to resistance mode rather than killing my legs before I have started. The Justo feature perhaps avoids this.

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Do you know whether Easy Start will come to other Elite trainers? I have a Suito that I bought last year, and that’d be a feature that I’d really like to have. @dcrainmaker suggested this is a great feature for when the UPS guy rings your doorbell. In my case it is more for when my 4-year-old thinks it is super funny to unplug my fans in the middle of a VO2max workout :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Also, it is kinda sad that my Elite Volano broke last year. I would have probably paid extra for the Justo. Seems like a really nice piece of kit.

The only problem I have had with my Direto XR is that the gears require reindexing because the hub spacing is not quite right. I wonder if this unit suffers from the same problem.

That can be an issue with any trainer, as well as any other set of wheels. It’s a result of stacked tolerances on the many parts that lead to the final placement of each cassette installed.

It’s possible to shim the cassette on the one that’s set more the the midline of the axle and line it up so indexing is not necessary.

But this is not necessarily a brand specific issue.

Who sells a suitable shim? I have some for disc brake rotors but have not seen any meant for cassettes.

I’ve used the disc brake ones with success.

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Interesting. I will have to see if they fit mine.

Just ordered one of these. Had no issue with my Kickr Core I was using until now, but since I’m doing 12-15 hours of my 17-20h training week indoors, I figured I might in the market for an high end trainer. More flywheel weight is always good and I hope the flex added by the feet will make the 3-5h endurance rides a bit easier on the bottom.


Please come back with a report of your experience. My Suito is doing okay, but this looks like a nice upgrade for the coming year.


I tested the trainer for the last two days and will send it back, because I think my unit is faulty (also I have reasons to believe I got sent a used unit). Basically I get a grinding/vibration like feeling through the pedals no matter what I tried. Did re-index, different cassette, more dampening, less dampening, fresh lube etc. It’s there no matter what I do and no matter what gear I use.

Such a shame as I love everything about this trainer: accuracy is spot on and the flexi feet are just what I wanted them to be: allowing for some movement, but not as much as a rocker plate (which is too much for my taste).

I’m willing to try with another unit, but if it still doesn’t provide the feeling I’m used to, I’ll probably go for to Kickr v6.


Well, that’s disappointing to hear. That said, this is the initial production lot, so I’m not too surprised to hear of issues. Teething problems for new mass-production items seems common, though one would reasonably assume they’re ready for primetime by launch date. Good luck with your next one, and keep the updates coming.

has anybody else had any experiences with the Justo? My trusty original Neo seems to become more and more flaky, so I’m shopping around in “Trainer off-season” in the northern hemisphere, and the Justo looks somehow quite appealing to me. I’d love to hear from any Justo owners, happy or not.


Following as I’m in the same boat. Looking to upgrade from my 1st gen Direto to either Justo or Kickr 6.

I just saw a @GPLama video of new features arriving to the direto xr/xr-t.
I am therefore wondering is there still and advantage to purchase the justo insteald of the now $200 lowered priced directo.
i see they brought over the connection bridge that was previously only a justo feature.

perhaps only the 1% precision and the flex feet are still the main selling points of the justo over the direto or there is something else that makes the justo worth it?

i don’t have a trainer yet… so in the market for the first one.

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