Elite Direto XR Trainer (new 2020 model)


Hi - I bought this recently. I am not sure what is wrong with me but starting workout is pure pain. I mean before | get things moving I have to for several seconds fight to push thru the power. Any suggestions on how to overcome this?

Once I am inside it is just great…

Sounds to me you could be in the big ring in the front and (too) small in the back?
Maybe try and go for small ring front, mid-cassette rear.

I don’t have this trainer but I have an original elite direto. it has been reliable overall - i cannot really complain about it, but it can be quirky sometimes and the support for it is garbage from elite. Ive often thought about a new Kickr to replace it as I think more of wahoo overall in the support and product development department.

I have a similar issue on my Direto X. I just calibrate the trainer (and again once warmed up) and it sets the resistance correctly.

I have also found that disconnecting and reconnecting the BT has a similar effect, but takes me longer.

I’m using mine on a 10 year old Samsung tablet so not sure if that’s why it happens, it takes a long time for me to navigate the options sometimes on TR, but it works well once up and running.

I have the Direto II and have been thrilled with it. No issues in 2 years of ownership. I used it with an iPhone SE, Android tablet, Samsung S10e, and an iPad and it worked well across iOS and Android.

I think there are quieter trainers out there, but it worked out-of-the-box.

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Thanks all. I did recalibrate which does not help much. But I now before I start pedaling switch to 36/28 which seems to solve the issue with too high force needed at the beginning…

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Anymore feedback on this unit? It is on my list of consideration.

Me too, looking into getting this one or the Saris H3…

I am using it for ~2 months without any issues and overall I am very happy with it with respect to what I expected (e.g. on higher wattage avoid issues with shifting to keep cadence but match the target watts).

I like that is it not noisy and that it occupies less space in storage…

I am now trying to dig-in to power reading discrepancies between Direto and Vector 3S - when I spent time on all aspects of calibration it was pretty much matching but over time.

As I am switching pedals between bikes my Vectors are usually 10-20 watts lower and I do not want to be spending time on calibration.

The only reason why it bothers me is that when I later ride outside just with Vectors I can without issues push the workout on Direto wattage (or even higher) without even noticing. But recent cold weather might be the part as well.

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The Elite Suito is similar sometimes the system starts on what feels like maximum resistance (regardless of the gearing) until the ERG stabilises. I’m not sure if its a software issue perhaps pedalling at a high cadence before the work out starts might solve, just pedalling doesn’t :thinking:

I’ve had my Elite Direto XR for about a week now and I can’t get ERG mode to work well. It’ll slam on the resistance to keep cadence around 15-25rpm, which is obviously unacceptable. Has anyone got any tricks? This is after calibration, firmware updates, etc…

Are you using the same or different device for measuring power?

  • If it is different, it is recommended to redo an FTP test to get your FTP according to that new device. It may well measure different than what you had before. Ignore this if you have already done so.

Have you used ERG mode before?

  • Just checking on experience, because new users sometimes struggle with the use as they learn the quirks.

You mention calibration and firmware, but not specifically what you have or have not done already.

  • Where does this stand?

If its anything like the Elite Suito you need to do recoveries in the wee ring to pedal at a decent cadence.

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I have a Direto X as a replacement for my Direto. The X hits the power target quicker than the old one so starting off I think you’re hitting the spiral of death as you start of you’re in ERG mode.

I put it on the small ring and mid to big ring in the back and wind up cadence quickly… That seems to resolve it after about 5 seconds… Its a harder start but then it’s gone.

That’s my experience anyway.

Cadence is the key… :joy:

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I ended up returning it to REI. I got a Saris H3 that is working perfectly. Wish I had more insight. Elite’s CS team takes about a week to respond to an email, or I would have given it more of a shot.

All of this is in the easiest gear I got - and it’s a gravel bike so that’s a 28 ring on a 42 cog

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Hoping you have better luck with the H3, I sure like my H2.

I want to like Elite products, but they fall just a bit short in many of the comments I have read. Them and Tacx (other than the Neo) just don’t quite seem like the most reliable trainers.