Elite Suito Trainer Announced



Just as a heads up, I just added in a test with TrainerRoad doing some 30x30’s on a custom workout I’ve long used to test trainer responsiveness. Pretty solid responsiveness, about 3 seconds from 140w to ~400w.

One odd half-missed interval though (was tested on iPhone Bluetooth Smart FTMS), though I’ve gotta follow up with one of the TR guys and see if the logs show what occurred.


This looks like something I could get behind. I’ve been looking for a smart trainer to replace my Road Machine for a while now but I don’t have a dedicated pain cave to store one in. This one has folding legs and a carrying handle, it’s perfect!


Yes, I think it’s a clean and well set for use and storage. The specs look good. If they get the ERG mode and overall use set as claimed, it looks like a real winner.

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Beat me to it. Looks like a nice improvement over the Direto and maybe $100 more. Finally a handle that makes sense!

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From value standpoint it looks great. Now lets just wait for DCR to put the Suito through its paces and test it out. If he gives it the green flag I can really see myself cashing out and upgrade the pain cave. Actually the whole thing could use a remodel :thinking:


@GPLama Do you get to review this unit soon?

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It’s on the cards if I can get a hold of one. TBH from a ride experience standpoint there’s not going to be much to this unit. I suspect if you have a trainer that you’ve spent more than $900 on at any point then you already have a better trainer. It’s based on their standard resistance unit tech under the hood.

The value prop isn’t about the ride. It’s price, form factor, it comes assembled, and with a cassette. It doesn’t appear to be an upgrade/cross-grade from the Direto or Drivo.

How it rides and responds as compared to something like the CORE will be interesting. Stay tuned.


I’ve had a look at your great review. One thing I can’t figure out, though, is why the Direto is still in Elite’s line-up. Feature-wise, they seem more or less identical (the Suito is supposed to be slightly less accurate and “only” go up to 1900 W rather than 2000 W), but the Suito is cheaper (if you include the cost of the cassette) and quieter. Am I missing something?

Maybe it’s getting replaced, just not yet.

Has anyone tried putting a SRAM NX Eagle cassette on the Suito?

Received my Suito. So far dissapointed as trainer seems 20-30watts reading too high even after calibration. Submitted a ticket, hopefully its sorted soon.


Would you be willing to share some of your impressions here?

Comments on the DCR thread are sharing issues from power, to unbalanced flywheels, and one can without legs at all.

Sure, only one ride to date so far and out the country for the week so will report back when i have ridden more. As noted seems to be power accuracy issues so far, other than that first impressions were ok.

I have done a few more rides. Overall, first impressions of the trainer are pretty good with the exception of the power. Obviously though that is its primary purpose and so it is a major issue to resolve and my recommendation to anybody would be to wait to see that these power issues that are being reported are resolved before choosing this as a trainer. I honestly don’t think it is acceptable that a company advertises 2.5% accuracy but it appears to be more than 10% out.

See snapshots of power accuracy issues.

This was tested with a stages power meter. Now i know that left/right imbalance not ideal for testing purposes, but

  • I have a powertap power meter that i have previously compared the Stages too, and get similar power numbers
  • I did another test (not shown here) with single leg pedal at 100w, and if i halved the Stages power meter result i still land up 20-30 watts short of what the Suito is reading consistent with these tests, and
  • I also have a number of years of power meter riding so have a reasonable “feel”.

In short, i am pretty sure the Suito is not producing accurate power numbers, particularly because there are other similar reports of inaccurate power emerging.

These are all after following the calibration procedure of the trainer.

Edit - i have submitted a ticket with Elite, but they are busy analysing after i sent them the test results. Will post whether it gets resolved at some point.

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Response which i received from Elite i consider totally unacceptable. What do others think.

"Good Afternoon

The trainer seems to have some difference respect your Stages

To improve the accuracy of the trainer I suggest to activate the Power Meter Link function
from My E-Training app go to Parameter → Advanced Settings
Click on Power Meter link and activate the function

In this mode the trainer will deactivate the power calculation and will take the power directly from your Stages, the trainer so will use as its own power the power directly from the Stages

I remain at disposal

Andrea B.
Elite srl"

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I don’t consider a manufacturer telling users to use power meter matching a viable or acceptable option, be it Elite, Tacx, or Inside Ride.

I discussed this with Elite today a bit, and there are two concurrent issues for Suito:

A) Power accuracy (in a variety of scenarios): They’re saying 2-3 weeks out to fix this.
B) Flywheel vibration for some users: They’re working with manufacturing to narrow down this issue and why certain units are beyond spec.

Ultimately, at this point I wouldn’t recommend buying one until they work out these kinks. If they can (and I can verify that), then I’d happily change my mind. You’ll note my post has had a banner since yesterday or the day before basically stating that. :frowning:


What kills me is that this is even a problem. We are several years into the “Smart Trainer” revolution and we still see these notable teething pains on release of new products. This specific example is representative of the industry at the moment as we see nearly every brand falter a bit with the release of each new model.

It leads me to believe that trainer makers are doing insufficient R&D on their end.

  • Power data accuracy issues and problems shown by Ray and Shane should simply not be happening. There are well established and known testing protocols.
  • Any manufacturer not taking those tests on their own are making a huge mistake. Beyond that, they likely should employ outside testers with known abilities (like Ray, Shane, and others).
  • Maybe some are doing so already, but the release of products that are instantly shown to have issues is crazy to me, and a real black eye for them and the industry as a whole.

  • Add to that the hardware quality issues we see in the same range of makers and models. Again, these should be minimal at best.
  • Some point to insufficient testing that is under what is actually demanded by end users. The makers need to recognize the increased demands and test appropriately.
  • Couple that with the goal of having outside testers in this area as well.
  • Stating all that, I also recognize that some issues are bound to arise as you move from small batch production for samples up to full production. Changes in tools, processing, more assembly personnel and such can lead to issues in early production.
  • But the near clock like consistency that we can predict with these new models points to a wider issue. Perhaps it’s the usual culprit of tight timelines leading to rushed production?

Either way and either problem above leads to the large indecisiveness and hesitation we see in several threads this week… “Which trainer to buy???”

  • I have a very narrow recommendation window right now despite an apparent plethora of trainers on the market. Most of the new ones have some flag about an issue that is meant to be addressed, but exists right now.

  • I just find it a bit sad that despite having most of these issues being rather known and preventable, they persist with nearly every launch we see. The typical concern of being an earlier adopter is ever true right now and I only hope we see that change in the coming years, so we get rather predictable releases with minimal issues from all makers.


Yup, I agree, this has been a mostly dismal season for new trainer hardware - and every company gets some blame here (in alphabetical order):

CycleOps: Probably the least problematic of the bunch, but cadence accuracy issues
Elite: Suito accuracy concerns, and now hardware related issues
Kinetic: R1 accuracy issues (pretty substantial ones too)
Tacx: NEO 2T accuracy bits on ERG/SIM, as well as NEO Bike ERG issues
Wahoo: Botched cadence roll-out & bothering to test on any app aside from Zwift via BT

There’s others beyond that group of industry majors of course, but those are the ones that stick out in my head. As Shane and I have noted numerous times, the testing we tend to do on trainers specifically is super repeatable and easily replicated by anyone - most notably the manufacturers. The test matrix just isn’t that big to cover 95% of users that are primarily using Zwift and TrainerRoad, using either BT or ANT+. There are far more complex test matrices out there that companies have to deal with.