Replacing Elite Justo with Wahoo Kickr


I’ve never tried the Wahoo Kickr and I’m actually happy with the Elite Justo, but I’m considering getting a Wahoo Kickr V6 since the Wahoo Kickr is so popular and also because I do a lot of training indoors. Do you think it is worth changing the Justo?


I purchased the Kickr6 when they came out. It has been great with no issues.

I have a kickr v5, just reading this review would make me want to upgrade to the elite justo

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Do you have any complaints with the V5? The review that you shared by DC Rainmaker was what makes me buy the Elite Justo. Other than that there are no many reviews and very less people praises Elite trainers on the internet in contrast to Wahoo trainers and that is why I want to buy the Wahoo. In short I am thinking that there should be a reason for being so popular about Wahoo trainers

No complaints but a more important question is what are your complaints with the justo?

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Actually I don’t have any major issues with it as I said I am happy. Only thing that I can say sometimes I feel some excessive braking which is unnatural but it is not very noticable and it only happens when pushing high watts on flats but it can be happening on an another trainer too. I am actually asking this because just want to know if there is a difference between these two that is worth to upgrade. Trainerroad forum is a good place to find some people has experience with different equipments :slight_smile: If I was using a Tacx Neo there are millons of discussions but unfortuantely I couldn’t find many about Justo and Kickr.

The one thing missing on the Justo is the motor driving downhill on Zwift (or similar). Rather annoying to not have that feature when I’m used to it from my Neo or Kickr Bike. Other than that, I like the Justo.

It is absolutely worth it, just be ready to lower your ftp (Elite often reads high).

I’m loving the newer features on the kickr v6 like direct connect and race mode on Zwift. I swapped from a Neo 2T when I found a crazy good deal ($900!) for the kickr.

What about the ride feel between those two? Which one do you think is better physical or virtual flyhwheel?

Which Elite model did you use?

Btw I never had a problem with the power measurements. I have favero duo and stages left pms. Justo reads slighlty lower than those around 5 watts and it is completely normal when you consider the drive train loss.

I honestly would say they’re both great. Having used both, it’s not something that would sway me either way.

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