Elite Direto Speed

Having some trouble with the speed calculation in TR on my Elite Direto. My speed does not seem to change based on resistance. It is only a factor of cadence and wheel size. I can see this when I go into devices and look at the live speed, or when I look at the workout summary in Strava or Garmin Connect after.

Is this normal? Obviously, power is much more important than speed. However, it would still be nice to get in the relative ballpark for estimated speed.

Have you reviewed this topic?

It covers the reasons behind speed, and likely ERG related issue that affects results.


Thanks, Chad. I did some searching but did not find that article. Understood here. Fully recognize speed is of little value and power is king.

However, it would be nice to have an estimation of speed even if it is a very rough one.

Appreciate your support as always.


Your Direto is behaving as expected. It sends speed data based on the rotational speed of the flywheel and the wheel size that was entered in the myEtraining app.

If you’re in erg mode, you’ll see speed just changed based on cadence (assuming you aren’t shifting gears).