Elevate Fitness Trend (Intervals Option)

To anyone normally using Elevate (Stravistix) add on in Chrome to view their fitness trend, i found one that gives far better analysis by using your data from Strava.


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Isn’t that what Elevate uses?

Yep, but this one seems to give a far better analysis.

For instance if you select an activity off the calendar you can select Activity power or Interval data which digs down into the activity

so Just to add to my original post now that i been using Intervals.icu for a few months - David Tinker really doing a good job if I may add.

The function of measuring de-coupling really works well on sessions which are 2+hrs with a power meter where your power detail uploads to Strava.

Anyone wanting to measure or keep track of their Aerobic Endurance (De-Coupling) then this is the perfect tool.