Either "restart build" or "specialty"?

I missed a lot of workouts in build and was wondering if I should continue in the plan or start with build again. The last workouts I did in build were on 90% because 100% was way to much :smiley: My half ironman event is on 01.09 so its either restart build OR specialty :grimacing:

When I’ve had training problems like yours, I look back over the last six weeks and take an average of my TSS, swim km, and run hours. This gives me an idea of where my weaknesses really are, and what I’m likely to be able to handle for the next couple of months.

If it’s only bike you’ve been missing, have a look in the TR calendar at the TR TSS values for the last six weeks. If that average is well below Build or Speciality plans, I’d think more about redoing build. If it’s only a bit lower than Spec, then keep going - your ftp retest should scale it for your fitness.

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My actual TSS is a bit higher because I didn’t track every run and never swim but you can see its below :smiley: expected

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First thing, if you have to change intensity for a couple of sessions in a row because you’re just not at that level, I’d re-test with a ramp test asap to get your training zones right.

In my understanding, the build plans are about improving fitness, while the speciality plans are to shape your existing fitness to your goal event (and make sure you’re fresh for it). So if you think you can live with your current fitness, you could move into speciality as planned. But if you’d rather try and squeeze as much improvment out of yourself as possible, even if secrificing a bit of race sharpness and freshness, I’d repeat some of the build phase. It depends a bit what your goals for the race are. In either case, adjust your ftp to be in the right zones, either with a test or just manually.


I can’t do the maths for you but it looks like around or just under 200 TSS to me, low volume Build averages 287/week, Speciality averages 221.

I’d be tempted to continue into Speciality and let the ftp test scale the effort for you.

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i’d just start over, and maybe those initial workouts will help you start back at 100%


Thank you so much!!! - but now I got two opinions :thinking: guess that’s the thing about opinions :rofl: Because it is my first training plan ever and I was hoping to experience all parts, my secret hope was that you encourage me to move into Speciality as @JoeX did. So I think I will give it a try and hope for the best to get it done without overtraining or something

I’d restart build with a ramp test and go from there :slightly_smiling_face:

mmmm ok - complicated sport :rofl: and what can I do the last week or two before the race still build?

For making adjustments leading into an A-Race, I’d suggest looking at the final 2 weeks of the relevant Specialty phase. Those are the planned Taper Weeks, and can be a direct copy option, or a relative guide.

People sometimes need different levels of taper, so look at that with an eye towards what you have done in the past and how that worked for you.

And since it wasn’t shared yet, this is a great resource to look at then you don’t have time for a full plan/phase.

Thank you guys as always for your replies :partying_face:

My plan was to go to specialty for running and restarting build for cycling and then switching to specialty for the last two weeks.

But now I recognized that at least in the first three weeks the TSS in build is higher :flushed: Now I think I will just go to specialty and hope still hope “house could collapse under pressure.”

For me it doesn’t matter at the moment because I am not following the swimming at all but why does swimming have no TSS.