Effects on power after quiting keto


Recently tried Keto diet for about a month. Decided to reintroduce carbs. 1 week in and I have noticed a significant drop in power output. Cant seem to find any info online in regards to effects on performance after quitting. Has anyone had any experiance with this?


Are you still limiting carbs or just back to eating what you want. It might be your body adjusting? One month keto might not have been enough for your liver to get fat adapted. I’ve been LCHF for 4 years now and this winter with TR, I have reintroduced some carbs to help with the high intensity portion of the training. I use UCAN super starch and consume low carb berries and veggies.

I’ve seen somewhere on here a “DIY” version of UCAN using cornstarch. Any chance you’ve had experience with this?

Never tried using cornstarch but I think UCANN is some derivative of it. I now in the UK there is some company selling similar product. I found this article… Why you should be drinking cornstarch during your rides - Canadian Cycling Magazine