Early Access to iOS Beta: Updated TrainerRoad

ITS TOO LATE I’VE RESPONDED :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Its okay, another athlete may have the same question and stumble across this thread instead of the announcement. Not a bad thing!

Been using the beta (now public) version for about a week now.

On a Tacx Neo 2T trainer, used in ERG mode all the time.

One thing I noticed is that on the old app, power increases for intervals started a couple of seconds before. Let’s say on a VO2Max workout, when going from 120 to 360 watts, the power ramped-up a couple of seconds before the interval (as if the power increase commands were sent a couple of seconds in advace). Now it only ramps up at the exact start of the interval. Doesn’t actually change much overall (it starts tailing off a couple of seconds later also), it’s just kind of messing with my brain since I’ve gotten used to the old behavior :slight_smile:

Is this a setting of sorts, or something actually changed in the way it works?

It is what I experienced and commented on some months ago. I stopped using the beta for short intervals as it was more a mental issue as the firs t few seconds were never at power. I haven’t tried the current version yet with this type of workout

This is totally screwing with me, too! I’m like a conditioned dog and when I hear that second countdown beep I’m ready for the ramp to start and now it’s not starting until the fourth (last) beep. Same thing at the end, as you say. I’m sure it will feel normal in a week, but today was hilarious.


Having an issue with planning a specific workout.
I can reproduce the problem:
In my calender select hawk mountain +2, edit it and switch it to outside. It instantly crashes.

Also if I try to plan it via workouts - hawk mountain +2 and select the outside option, it crashes.

I’m in IOS beta latest version 2021.11.1 (91969).

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@Pete I’ve changed the workout to the outside version on de website and now I can’t even start the TR app.
Switched it back to inside and everything works again.

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App Version: 2021.12.0.91970

the MOST annoying bug has started to appear. I use TR on my iPhone 11 Pro, whilst using Spotify in the background connected via AirPods.

Never happened before now, but every time the workout makes a noise, this could be introduction of text on screen, a start or stopping of an interval…any noise from the app whilst doing a workout.

Pauses my headphones, stopping my music. If i didnt have an Apple watch, id have to leave TR and go into Spotify / Apple Music - restart my tunes only to have them paused again on the next interaction within the TR app.

Please fix this…:smile:

We had another recent report of this and it sounds like it was resolved after updating iOS to the latest version. Would you mind checking if you have an iOS update available and, if so, see if installing it resolves the issue? :slight_smile: Let me know either way!

Hey @Geoff I’m running latest - 14.4.2

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the latest update has the app loading extremely fast. bravo. thanks for the hard work!