Early Access to Android Beta - Updated TrainerRoad

Morning. the latest update to the Beta did not work yesterday. The app opened, flashed the calendar quickly and then went to a black screen. This is on a OnePlus 7 Pro with 256 GB memory so pretty new, fast phone. Before this, the app worked fine and looked good. (It seems tlike the power match is a bit better, from my 4iii to the Kickr Core but hard to tell!)

Clear the cache of the app, it helped in my case.

Sam issue for me. Just yesterday and worked before on the previous Beta

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 latest updates.
App version 2021.6.0.92046

Sorry for repeating this for latest version but App still not detecting Tablet in landscape mode from startup. Happily works in landscape once tablet is rotated but returns to portrait once workout is completed. Issue for me as tablet is fixed in a holder…

Is there a way to see workout intervals like the standard android app without leaving the app to view the analysis on the website? Like the standard app for this quick info.

On the plus side, happy to see TrainNow on the app and ability to see cadence on the graphs now :+1:t2:
Will continue to test, clearing the app cache clears a couple of issues.

Android Beta
JOB 001
Issue: When using moble phone in horizontal mode screen does not go full screen
Discussion : When I turn the phone horizontal the screen is not displayed in full. The bottom phone menu bar(that is displayed in the vertical mode) remains on right of the phone when in horizontal mode.
Device is Samsung Galaxy S9+
Way Ahead: Allow screen to hide phone menu bar so that TR workout occupies entire screen

Android Beta
JOB 002

Issue: Post workout when reviewing Workout on moblile device workout does not display workout interval summary
Discussion: Today I did Juneau -1 when I went to review my workout on my phone in the calander mode the interval data was not available. I had to go online via laptop and TR website to view my workout interval summary
Device Samsung Galaxy S9+
Way Ahead: Add interval summary so that it can be viewed from moble device App in calandar mode just like in the previous TR mobile App

Android Beta
Device Samsung Galaxy S9+

Issue: TrainNow feature did not provide a similiar workout in line with my Plan Builder Tng Plan
Discussion: On 20 Feb I had no scheduled workout I was was looking for a workout via TrainNow as I had missed my scheduled Sweet Spot workout on 19 Feb. I went to workouts TrainNow input Duration 120 minutes and tapped Shuffle and the only suggestion was Climbing Buttertube +5 Threshold. I thougt I heard Nate or Jonathon say that if you are following a plan via Plan Builder TrainNow will give you a workout in line with your plan. I assumed because I missed my last workout of the week in Plan Builder it would have suggested the missed workout or something similar in intensity level and duration as Plan Builder, Rather it suggested only one workout in the 2hour Duration and it was not the same intensity it was Threshold rather than a Sweet Spot workout programed via Plan Builder.
Way Ahead: If following a Plan Builder Plan allow TrainNow to suggest a workout that is in line with current Plan Builder plan the athlete is following. For Example, 1. if you missed a workout during the current week it suggests the workout you missed or something similar in intensity level and Duration. 2. if you have completed all your workouts for the week in the Plan Builder then it would suggest either a workout in next higher level volume or the next workout in your plan.

Clearing the cache did not help. Suppose next step is ti clear the data or re-install

Doesn’t seem that’s the case:

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It does work when your on a plan. Not sure what it does on HV, but this is in a LV recovery week:

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is there a way to download the Android TR Beta App outside of Google Playstore? I dont use any Google Services and do not have access to the Playstore. Thank you

I so so so need need this feature back please. Losing all my favourite workouts was bad enough but the workout variants option feature is a must…

Don’t worry, variants not showing in some scenarios is a bug that’s been discussed a few times above. We’re working on it. :slight_smile: They can currently be accessed from the full workouts list if you don’t see them when viewing a workout from your Calendar.


Got it thanks!

When opening Beta screens goes black

Used surface pro today

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Thought I would try the Android beta app which seems good however one feature that appears to be missing is the option for work out variants for workouts scheduled in a plan. For example i only really do 1 hour blocks on the turbo so if he workout for that day is over 1 hour I usually click variants and choose a shorter version. The new app doesnt seem to have the option unless you choose from the workout menu as a standalone workout. Cheers Chris

@Geoff I had the black screen of death again today after completing my Ramp Test. I assume that the issue that I had previously is still outstanding? I just downloaded the app again (as you advised last time) but I just wanted to check that it was still expected.

Baird +6 coach text needs editing. Spelling.

Android Beta
JOB 004
Device Samsung Galaxy S9+

ISSUE: On the mobile App calendar current week menu bar does not display current Hours or TSS completed / planned.
DISCUSSION: The mobile app calender does not show the current weeks completed / planned Hours or TSS. It only displays the planned Hours and TSS If you look at the previous week it will show : Previous Week 8 8:54/ 8:13 HOURS 551/ 508 TSS. Current Week 9 8:48 HOURS 578 TSS. I thought before that the mobile app displayed the Hours/TSS executed and planned for the current week as well.
WAY AHEAD: Have mobile calender display completed/planned Hours and TSS for current week as well as for past weeks.

Thank you
Keep the Rubberside Down

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