Latest Update is Unstable

Hey @IvyAudrain

I just updated the beta app and it now won’t open, only repeated crashes. Foolishly I updated both devices and now can’t get my TR ride going :man_facepalming:.

Contacting support seems the better move than going to the forum

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Fair. I prefer here in this instance in case there’s a simple solution in missing that the hive mind might know more quickly.

Also, I don’t want to go to an email back and forth with support for what I assume is a widespread problem (but again I don’t know unless other users say the same)

Same here. Got an update today and now it crashes.
Pixel 7 Pro. Trainerroad version 2022.46.0.92167


If you leave the beta and install the normal version that’s still stable.

Haven’t heard from TR at all. Hopefully a fix soon.

I was pleased to see the orientation lock change. Having the post workout survey pop up at 90 degrees was always highly unideal.

I forgot I was on beta. I went to the app store to leave beta and there was an update to install. I installed it and it is working now.

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Yep, appears fixed.

Great work Team TR :ok_hand: