I'm on the Android beta, does that mean I'm on the Windows app beta?

I’m on Android beta. Really like the UI and the Adaptive Training improvements the app is starting to show, such as: Train Now, Workout Variants, etc.

However, I understood that the Adaptive Training features had rolled out to include different levels of performance against each energy/power system, i.e. Sweet Spot or VO2 Max. I have the Windows app and it doesn’t have any more features than the Android app.

I could be way off (usually am). Any advice on the status of the beta roll out and what features I should have would be helpful.

Secondly, if the Android beta and the Windows beta are different, then that would explain things.

Here’s to riding fast. Cheers.

The Train now beta (now fully released) and the Adaptive Training beta programme are two different things. Perhaps you are confusing them, easy done :slight_smile: If you have the Android ‘Train Now’ beta and want it on Windows just go to the TR web site and download the latest version.


Ah, thanks for that. Makes sense!