Dynamically re-sizing an entire workout beforehand (Feature Request)

Is it possible to proportionally resize an entire workout at the start to make a different workout length, either by percent or total time? I’m not talking about extending a warmup / cooldown or skipping ahead in a workout to cut the total time, but rather to make modest, overall time adjustments to a selected workout prior to starting so that it is say 10-30% longer/shorter. This could be done in 10% increments to keep the adjustments simple. I realize there’s the custom workout builder, but that requires a lot of time overhead, whereas I’m looking for something quick, simple and easy that can be done right when opening a workout to start.

Use cases for this would be that you are ready to start but realize you have a little less time than you need to complete the workout, and you want to preserve the overall shape of the workout without sacrificing your warmup or cooldown. Or, you like the workout suggestion, and you want it a few minutes longer or shorter, but not necessarily any more or less intense. It seems like the very simple y-axis adjustments are already available for a workout on-screen, but it would be really handy to have a similar option for a pre-workout x-axis adjustment.

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I think your basic goals are addressed with the Alternates feature:

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So is there a 33 or 36 minute version of a 30 minute workout available this way?

No, the typical differences are about 15 minute jumps. In your example, if you must have more than 30 mins, and 45 is too long, just run the 45 and end the workout when you want. When in doubt, pick a slightly longer version and just quit when you are done.

You can use the “not enough time” answer at the completion of the workout to handle it with AT and it should give a normal Intensity survey at that time, so AT can calculate your PL changes.

I am adding the “feature-request” tag to your topic, so it is sorted and can be filtered easier for reference by TR.

Edit to add: This existing feature request may be more in line with your idea. You can add your thoughts there, or I can even merge it directly if that is your preference.


Sure, merge is fine. Thanks for thinking more of this idea.