Canyon Bikes Experiences?

I’ve supported my LBS with a nice new mountain bike purchase this year. When making trips there for service I just don’t find anything for a road bike upgrade that I would consider to be “reasonable” for my budget and kit preferences.

Enter Canyon’s consumer direct model…

I’m super impressed with the reviews of the Aeroad frames and it is getting a lot of love based on last weekend’s Amstel race.

I’ve had 2 Litepeeds, 3 EVOs and one Emonda for race bikes in the past. I would be open to other frames but the Aeroad sure looks like one heck of a machine even though my best race years are behind me.

I would use it mostly for logging miles, group rides and the occasional race. The Litespeed was an aero frame as well and the fit/stiffness was never an issue for me on long rides.

Anyone have an experience to share on the order process, fit, overall happiness with their purchase (or otherwise)?

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4 months with my Endurace and LOVE it. Bottom line - for the build out, features, tire clearance, and color, there was nothing else in the market that met my criteria after trying out a Tarmac, Domane, among others.

Had some LBS guilt. They swapped out the crank, changed the saddle, and did my fit - so they got $$ bc of it and gave me no grief.

Great buying experience when I called a few times. Fast response and overnight shipping when they sent with wrong spec stem.


My n=1 is that I love my Aeroad. The fit was as to be expected from the numbers. Their online tool recommended what the stack and reach suggest. Price is good. Delivery was good. Assembling from the components in the box was super easy. Phone support (and email support) have been pretty helpful. I haven’t had any real problems, so I couldn’t comment on how well those are handled.


Same experience with Canyon and my Aeroad … Awesome bike!


I have a Canyon Ultimate and my girlfriend has an Endurance, we love them both. Like you, I triple-checked the results of Canyon’s online sizing tool, but confirm we’re both really happy with the fit of our bikes.

It’s everything that was promised, and more.


I also have an endurace and love it. The ordering and delivery process was flawless. Be aware of their sizing though. I’m 6 ft and ride a medium endurace whereas I’m normally riding a large or 56” frame.


Just an aside, there will likely be a new aeroad this year released at the tour to compete with the next gen super bikes (Supersix, venge, madone etc).

Just in case you want to hold off and get the newest model. But obviously the current aeroad is a very good bike


I have an ultimate… I find myself looking at other canyons regularly. I guess I like it :slight_smile:


I have the endurance AL and I am happy. As others have said look closely at the geometry charts and/or the their online sizing chart. Im 5’8" and I am riding an XS.


I have the Endurace 8.0 CF SL and am very happy with it. Got the LBS to do the fit and install a power meter. The fit was not significantly different to the result of the Canyon purchase TBH.

I did give the LBS the chance for the business but nothing struck me as as good for the money as the Canyon. I’ve not been disappointed: far from it.

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Very happy with my Ultimate. I did experience a few hiccups on getting the bike built up as the included instructions, as well as the videos on their website were outdated. Customer service was helpful in getting it all resolved. Do note that I was dealing with the German and Swiss service centers.

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Can’t comment on the road side of things, but I ride the Canyon Lux.

What I can say is that costumer service has been really great. Had an issue with the wheels when I received it. No problem, they sent me a new one and offered me to ride the one I had in the mean time. No questions asked!

Can only recommend!
PS. Live in Norway, so have only had contact with local and German support.


Has anyone in Australia bought a Canyon? I’m interested in an Endurance, but a German mail order in Australia?

The good lady wife purchased a Canyon Endurance CF last year. It arrived in no time at all and with a little tinkering, it was good to go. Everything arrived safely and they supplied their specific torque tools, which was a very nice touch.

The bike has been faultless.

With regards to the LBS, my wife went in twice, even had her fit done and they didn’t seem interested. Can’t support or condone that level of service so absolutely zero guilt.


+1 for Canyon. I’ve got a 2016 Aeroad and love it. Good value, fast, and really doesn’t feel like it gives up anything in comfort or handling as an aero bike. Fit is spot on for me but the Aeroad is a fairly aggressive geometry, the Endurace is a little more relaxed I think.

Did have some initial issues, first attempt they tried to deliver it while I was on holiday despite me trying to change delivery date. Second attempt had been slightly damaged in transit and had to go back. Third attempt was all good, and customer service were helpful and responsive throughout, and also compensated me for the problems. This was also nearly 3 years ago so would hope they’ve ironed out any delivery issues now.


I would say, be prepared to wait a long time if you are in the US. I have an Aeroad 2018 that I love. Everything was great about the experience EXCEPT the availability of bikes in the US. I was looking to buy in November/December. I wanted the 2018 because in 2019 they went to the SL frame rather than the SLX for all builds other than the 9.0. 2018’s were out of stock at the time because 2019 has been “released.” However, it wasn’t until March that 2019’s actually showed up. Luckily they released a few more 2018’s the week before so I bought that. I waited over 4 months AFTER it was released. So if you are looking for the “2020” or whatever is released at the tour, be prepared to wait 8 months or so for it to be available and it may be that during that time you have 0 options if the earlier models are sold out.


I bought an Inflite last year and the only issue i’ve had was that the headset was loose out of the box.

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I had a canyon ultimate and it was a great bike. Unfortunately, I had a frame problem with mine which took a long time to warranty and in the end I got a refund and went my LBS for a replacement. So, as long as you get a good one, they are great

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I wrote a pretty long post on Reddit about my experiences with Canyon quite recently (linked below).

One of the things that seemed to come back a lot in the discussion on Reddit was that your location can play a big role in how good or bad the customer service experience is.

Here’s my full post that I did in Reddit:

I’ve got 5 Canyons in my garage at the moment (Ultimate AL, Ultimate CF SL, Inflite, Grand Canyon, and Aeroad), so obviously I’m a Canyon customer.

My general thought on Canyon is that they’re great bikes – I’ve ridden Specialized Tarmacs and BMC Team Machine before as rentals, and I would place Canyon next to them as equals. If you compare the amount of bike that you get (and especially if you look at things like wheels, tires, saddles, etc that come with Canyon), the amount of bike that you’re getting for your money is not even remotely comparable to brands like BMC and Specialized.

That being said, there are definitely some things to be aware of. First of all, dealing with Canyon is often a bit of a nightmare. I’ve had multiple terrible experiences with them (I’m located in Belgium, so your location may also make a difference). Like seriously, really really really bad experiences. Lots of them. Apart from one particularly bad experience with my internet service provider, Canyon by far has provided me with the worst customer experiences of my whole life. In general I’ve been lucky enough (or easy-going enough) to not have had many (or nearly any) really bad experiences in dealing with customer service from various companies, but it’s been really bad with Canyon. Nearly every time I deal with them, at least one thing goes wrong.

Other things to be aware of: on the road bikes, they use a non-standard steerer tube size, which means that changing your stem, or replacing headset bearings is never going to be as simple as with a bike with standard sized bearings. I suppose it’s more and more common these days for bikes to have custom sized parts, but on the other hand, you can also be sure that there’s no Canyon dealer located in your town.

I’ve heard stories of some shops refusing to work on bikes that weren’t purchased there (could just be a Belgian thing though). That’s not an issue for me, because I do all my own work on my bikes, but it’s something to keep in mind if you are dependent on a shop for repairs.

The bikes are delivered nearly built, and final assembly isn’t difficult, although someone who is clueless about working on bikes (or who doesn’t recognize the importance of using a torque wrench on fragile carbon parts) will likely struggle.

So in general: yes, Canyon bikes are great, really great, but just be aware of what you’re getting yourself into.

Here’s a link to the full discussion on Reddit:


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