Canyon Warranty Claim Experiences?

Nothing like getting up at 4:45 to head out for an event and discovering a crack in your seat stay.

My Canyon Grail “should” be covered by the 6-year warranty and I filled out the claim form, but I was just curious what to expect. It wasn’t dropped or wrecked it must’ve just been a hard bump on my last ride.

Anyone have any experience getting a replacement from Canyon?

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Assuming you’re in the US, call in. They take forever responding to email and you’ll probably just need to call in once they do. I had one warranty experience some years ago having my inflite frame replaced. That took 7 weeks door to door. My second experience, I got hit by a car and bought a crash-replacement fork. That went fairly quickly, but only involved being shipped a part. My third was just a few weeks ago, ordered a new aeroroad but it arrived with a cracked seatpost. I didn’t hear from them for like 10 days so I finally called and got it taken care of 2 hours later (they call you back, so I wasn’t on hold the whole time).

They replaced my Lux with a broken seat stay, no problem. It was during early Covid so it did take a while but I’m sure they’ll take care of you.

Thanks! They do mention 10-15 day response time in the automated email, so I’ll definitely give them a call as well. Did you find they were willing to cover things or did it take a bit of prodding?

I got a replacement for my Grizl in a week or two. They made me take detailed pics of the entire bike and then they made me destroy the frame and send pics of the pieces. They also gave me 300 dollars to get all of the components switched over.


Interesting, they’re making me send the whole bike in…

I snapped my Sender mid-race season. They took weeks to respond and finally I had to send it back to Germany from Hong Kong. It then took 2-3 months of constant emails for them to check the bike and find manufacturing defects, resulting in them replacing the frame. The replacement took countless more emails of pushing to organise, and when they finally said they sent it…A shimano 12spd chain arrived instead.

I eventually got a replacement after 4.5 months, and sold it immediately. Will never go near them again.

This was 5 years back, so hopefully they have improved a lot. Fingers crossed for you.


They probably want to see where the weak spot is in the design of their layout.

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Why are so many Canyons breaking? Do other bike brands have this many carbon failures?

Not had a warranty claim with a frame but did have an issue with my Ultimate cockpit. Experience was brilliant (UK based) but this was pre covid. They didn’t have my model cockpit in stock and because stock was going to take a while they shipped an alternative in meantime and then some six months later another cockpit arrived. They never asked for first one back so I just kept that on the bike and eventually sold the second one after it sat in the box for a year.
More recently my Exceed arrived with a dirty mark on part of the top tube. Knocked some money off and gave me £100 in a voucher to use online so for my son a cycling kit, bottle cage and bottle.
Safe to say, so far, always been happy with customer service.

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US here. It’s not LBS fast but they’ve been good at taking care of things. I had a cockpit develop some concerning signs around the clamping surface. Probably was cosmetic but I wasn’t interested in finding out the hard way. Sent detailed pics and they took care of it.

Granted this was only months after the mvdp incident, and on a different bar, but they took care of it none the less

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Figured I’d follow up on how it all went.

This was the timeline from filling out a claim to receiving my bike fixed.


6/3 - Discovered Crack and Contacted Canyon

6/5 - Canyon Replied requesting I send in the whole bike

6/6 - Received a Fedex label

6/8 - Shipped my bike

6/14 - Canyon Received it

6/21 - They evaluated and determined that it WAS covered under warranty and provided color options for the new frame

6/22 - I replied with the choice

6/26 - They followed up again, they had lost my email reply. They said 4 weeks to get the frame and move all the components over

7/26 - I was contacted saying the frame swap was complete and confirming my address

8/1 - Got my bike and everything appears in order.


  • The rep I got was great ( Eric ), and he was responsive usually within 24 hours of any inquiries I had.
  • They transfer all the components over for you, even the ones that didn’t come with the original bike at purchase. This was great for me, as I had replaced pretty much everything but the wheels on the bike and upgraded it to Di2.
  • They didn’t fight me on the warranty claim, and covered all costs except for the bike box I needed to ship it.


  • 2 months is a long time, and wiped out the whole gravel season for me
  • It really shouldn’t have broken in the first place, the bike has never been dropped or wrecked.
  • Email communication was a little clunky with some messages getting lost, and others giving me a reply saying that the email address I was replying to was no longer in service.


  • They don’t include the headset with the frame replacement, which is strange to me as they have matched serial numbers. Instead they moved my old headset over to the new frame and put a sticker on it with the new serial number. That’s fine, except they’re so stubborn about giving people alternative headset sizes, you’d think they wouldn’t care and would just change it if the serial numbers are “changeable”
  • They were a little funny about making sure they only replaced exactly what they had to, so things that would normally be considered part of the frame, like the axles, were moved from my old bike instead of just giving me the ones from the new frame. No biggie, just seems a bit trivial.

All in all, I’m happy with how everything went. And would still recommend Canyon to others if they like the bike and the price is right. That being said, this whole process would’ve gone much faster with a bike purchased at an LBS, but that’s the trade-off.


My buddy’s Grail cracked. They didn’t have his size in stock so they refunded him the entire purchase price. I think he’d been on it about 2 years. Not bad IMO.

  • Maybe, maybe not. I’ve seen some great warranty experiences via LBS but also some horrendous ones. The shop ends up handling a process not entirely different than what you did. They have a more direct line to the maker in a way (via their dealer access portals), but that doesn’t guarantee more positive or faster results.
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Totally, I tried to see if they’d let me switch to a Grizl frame instead, but since they didn’t want to change the headset, that was a no-go.

I think I’ve been spoiled in the past because my brother-in-law has been working in bike shops for decades and knows how to shake the tree and get the new parts to fall out.


People love to rag on trek, but it’s still been the easiest warranty process I’ve ever had. In the time it woulda taken canyon to respond to an email, I had a new bike built up. Dropped my broken frame off at the shop on a Sunday and picked up the new one the following weds with all my parts swapped, ready to race Saturday. And this was mid 2021!

Canyon’s been good to me but nothing like the trek process!

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