Duplicate Completed TR Workout Showing up in TrainingPeaks. Anyone Else?

I just completed a TR workout, and it now shows up duplicated in TrainingPeaks. Has this happened to anyone else? Yesterday was fine, today the workout is duplicated.

It happens to me quite a few times with TP but usually one has a different title, with me its pulling one workout from garmin connect (usually with a generic title) and one ride from Trainer Road with a specific title. Strava seems to be better at removing those duplicates than TP. Thinking further if I have the workout set up in TP with the specific title TP will grab the GC version of the workout and associate it with that and may also pull in the TR workout with that exact title too.


Hey there!

Looks like something odd might be going on here.

Do you happen to be recording with multiple head units/computers? If, for example, you were using the TR app and a Garmin/Wahoo head unit at the same time, the ride may have uploaded from the TR app and from the second head unit.

Additionally, do you have Garmin Connect synced up to your TP account? It could have been an issue where the files from TR “race” each other to get to third-party platforms, which can result in duplicates sometimes.

Any extra info like that can help us figure out what might be happening. Let us know!

Here goes:

  • No, I’m not dual recording. I just recorded the workout using the TR beta mac app
  • I have TR sending workouts to both TrainingPeaks and Garmin Connect
  • I have Garmin Connect sending workouts to TrainingPeaks

An easy way to see where this is coming from and get an idea if it was sent twice:

Click on the workout > files > you’ll see the file path. Each device has a unique file path when being sent. Garmin will typically say GarminPing towards the end, Zwift will say something like ZwiftActivity near the front of the file path. Additionally, GC will typically only send workouts recorded with a garmin device from GC to TP.

You could also reach out to TP support. They will most likely get back to you within an hour at this time of day. Tier 1 support is fast. They will be able to look into the admin account of TP and see the uploaded file history for you and the source.
Disclaimer: I worked at TP for a number of years.

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