Outdoor workouts: avoiding duplicates


If this appears stupid please forgive me. It might be because I’m stupid (in which case I deserve pity not flaming…).

I want to start doing some outdoor workouts, but I’m keen to avoid duplicate rides appearing either in my TR calendar (or on Strava).

I use Strava as the Source of All Truth: my Garmin account is connected to Strava (so rides from my Edge done IRL go to Strava).

Strava is connected to TR so that rides done in the TR app go to Strava and outdoor rides originally from Garmin go to my TR calendar (via Strava).

If I connect TR directly to my Garmin account - to permit the pushing of TR workouts to my Edge computer - will this not lead to a horrifying mass of duplicate rides? Or have the coding wizards at each company just sorted this to avoid identical duplicate rides automatically?


Rides in most platforms recorded olat the same time and location only result in one ride. TR combines garmin and strava into one and strava uploads whatever get there first. The only rides I find being duplicated are when I ve did an indoors ride recorded on TR an in parallel ran the garmin with no GPS. They both upload to Strava, I think because they’ve got no starting location. I have my Strava set to automatically upload as private so I can delete one or edit one before they go public.

Every activity has a unique ID, at a guess it’s generated from start time and location (hence @HLaB’s comment about parallel recording indoors) possibly plus user ID. Sometimes I’ll upload an activity to Strava, it doesn’t appear immediately so I try again and get a duplicate activity message then the original appears. DCRainmaker does lots of parallel recording when he’s testing kit and he doesn’t see duplicates.

I have Garmin, TR and Strava all linked for connections in both directions and have never had a duplicate activity.

In short: don’t worry about it!

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I use TR, Zwift, GC, Strava, Intervals.icu, and TrainingPeaks. I get duplicates at times. If it happens, it’s usually in GC or TP. I just check after every ride and delete duplicates as part of my cooldown routine. Sorry that’s not helpful, but wanted to add some counterbalance so you’re not disappointed if it happens.

Fortunately TR app integration with Garmin allows for pushing only TR Workouts (Training) and not TR Activities to GC while being able to read Garmin Activities (which is required to “complete” planned outdoor workouts)

Personally I always record indoor workouts with Garmin Edge in parallel with TR app (due to being able to customize the data presented) and as long as starting time and durations are (reasonable) the same Strava will sort out the de-duplication despite both TR and GC syncing to Strava.