Quarq Users - Would you recommend?


Looking at getting a dedicated power meter for my TT bike, cannot be pedal based due to going down the Speedplay pedal route. I am looking at something dedicated to the bike, stable and accurate are the only criteria.

I have been looking at getting a Quarq DZero solution. Any TR users have experience of these units? Would need a GPX bottom bracket to replace the Shimano one.

Only negatives I can find are issues if chain is dropped as this can can issues with the strain gauges, and some negative remarks about GPX bottom brackets.

Keen to hear anyone’s experience and thoughts on these.


I’ve got the dzero one for force axs and so far it’s been flawless. I’ve owned it for about 3 months and use it on the trainer as well as muddy cyclocross races.

I think Shane GPLama highly rates them too


I have a Dzero on GPX BB and zero issues. I also use external cups always. I feel they are stiffer and less wear on the frame.

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I have Dzero Eagle on my MTB and P2M on my TT and on my road bike. I consider performance equally solid but it’s easier to replace the battery on the Dzero.

The GXP BB is the best on the market by miles, it’s truly an excellent solution.
Quarq all day long, I’ve used a few different PM’s and analysed data from a lot too and it’s a solid solution and comes highly recommended.
I don’t see how a dropped chain could damage the strain gauges as those are internal to the PM.


You can try to use something like the Wheels Mfg adapters to get to a GXP BB. I’ve always had a hard time with them getting the spacing right, had a far better experience by putting a (Kogel) GXP BB in instead. If the bike allows it I’d buy a DUB BB version now though.

I bought a used DZero about a year ago and it’s been great so far. Customer service is great from SRAM/Quarq too.

The only broken power meters I ever see for sale because warranty wouldn’t help are quarqs. Just an observation.

I have a DZero on both my road bike and TT bike. I’ve been running them for about 4 years or so and they have been flawless. Highly recommend them.

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I’ve had a Quarq Riken for 5 years with a GXP BB and had no issues with either. I would not hesitate to buy another Quarq and i have no beef with GXP (on my bike all I had to do was swap out the non drive side bearing to run GXP)

I currently have three. Two Dzero’s (bluetooth) and an older Riken (Ant+). One is BB30 and two are GXP…Prior to those I had one of the first generation Cinqo’s. I’ve only had trouble with one: I tightened the battery cover too tight and the post inside stripped causing power to drop. This was back when Quarq was Quarq and they worked with me very well. I have no complaints about the reliability and accuracy and would easily recommend.

As for the SRAM GXP cranks…Getting the spacing is just a PITA and I feel it’s a flawed system. Just too many little spacers it can’t be efficient. Also, a blogger named Hambini did a video about the GXP spindle tolerances and if true the GXP system has a lot of room for improvement. With that said, once the spacing is figured out, like any other crank, you sort of forget about them.


Dzero user here, been flawless for a year. No connection droputs, just works.

Similar to others- 2 bikes with 2 different Quarqs and they never give me any issues. Every so often I change the battery and that’s it.

I went with a Sram Rad Dzero with my Shimano Ultegra Group set and replaced my press in Shimano BB with a Wheels Mfr threaded one and has work flawless. I have only had it a year but looking forwarded to many more.

2 Quarqs here, 1 is a DZero. Both great. Had 1 replaced under warranty, no hassles.

Had a much older model that needed replacement, which support were very helpful with too. Was long out of warranty, but they offered me a new DZero at a crazy price. That was from HQ though, the distributor in my country didn’t want to know about it

Bottom bracket standards/spacing/chainset choices aside: I’ve had x4 Quarq S-Works spiders over the years across a few bikes, now a DZero DUB on the road bike. Brilliant units. The DZero just worked. No messing about.

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quarq dzero here too, with the GXP spindle. Works fine both with threaded BB or used with WM adapters in BB30 frames

I have the SRAM Red AXS power meter (which is essentially a rebranded Quarq DZero) and it has been super reliable and super accurate.

Would highly recommend Quarq.

I have been using a DZero since January 2017 and it has been flawless in recording power (unlike Garmin Vector 3 which remains unreliable even with new battery doors). The CR2032 lasts a long time and is easily replaced, even during a ride (you obviously don’t want to stop and exchange during a race, but for audax a spare CR2032 is part of my kit)

The Quarq did develop play in the left arm, both rotational and sideways. Most likely because I swapped the crankset between bikes quite a lot and may have forgotten a washer or two after a while. Unfortunately this happened when the cranks where some 2 1/2 years old, so out of warranty.

When I contacted Quarq I got a response quickly and learned that a) a replacement crankset (without the power meter) was expensive and pretty much only available from Quarq themselves, and b) that SRAM cranksets could not be used as an alternative (IIRC they use fewer bolts to fix the spider, which makes the meter inaccurate). But then I got an e-mail from the guy I was corresponding with that he found a pair of blemished cranks that they could send me. They even paid for shipping from the US to Europe! (and I had to look really close to spot that blemish…)

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Two DZeros. One GXP on a BB30 cross bike with SRAM Force 1. No issues. Always been excellent and reliable. Second DZero is a DUB on a BB86 PressFit bottom bracket.

Something to take note of: I think that Quarq has moved entirely to the DUB spindle platform (?), so unless you have a GXP DZero already, you may have trouble finding a new one. Not a huge issue as you have a lot of choice for DUB bottom brackets.

Nothing but positive experiences and would highly recommend.

I bought their spider power meter. No need to worry about BB