Duathletes - Do you run before your TR workouts?

I’ve got my first duathlon of the season coming up in about 5 weeks. I’m currently doing the Sprint Triathlon speciality plan and thought it’d be a good idea to start introducing some specificity and actually running before I get on the bike. The only problem is some of these speciality plan workouts are tough, plus I had a pretty big FTP jump after build, so it hasn’t been easy getting through the workouts as it is, without doing them after a run!

What do other duathletes on here tend to do? If you do run before the TR workouts do you tend to skip most of the TR warm-up and jump straight in to the intense stuff?

As a rule, I tend to do bike/run bricks. I find that transition much more demanding than the run/bike transition, so I like to work on my weakness of getting back upright and trying to be quick on foot.

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