Drivo I In App Calibration

Any other Drivo I users having problems with the in app calibration (Windows desktop). I don’t do this very often so not sure when things changed but it now wants to do a spin down from over 60kph which unsurprisingly I can’t get to, it used to be about 24kph,
The Elite app behaves normally so the issue doesn’t seem to be in the trainer and there’s been no firmware update.

Any one else see the same problem?

If you reach out to our Support Team they would be happy to help you sort this issue out. You can reach the team at support@trainerroad.com.

In the meantime, you will want to calibrate within the Elite app before switching over to TrainerRoad.

We look forward to hearing from you :+1:

I have the Drivo I too and on TrainerRoad there isn’t an option to calibrate it. I use the elite app and it works just fine.

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I just chatted with the Support Team and you’re absolutely right. We do not support calibration for the Elite Drivo and we should not display an option to calibrate it.

Are you on the latest version of the app @therealrichie?

Drivo 1 for me too. I have never calibrated it. I use PowerMatch with my Quarq (which I do zero-offset before each ride/trainer session)

Yes, the app is up to date and unsupported calibration option is still alive and kicking but it is now asking for a more reasonable21kph again

This is a mistake on our end. The calibration option needs to be hidden for the Drivo becuase the Drivo is comes factory calibrated. This means that the Drivo never needs to perform a spindown calibration :slight_smile:

From DC Rainmaker’s Drivo review:

Once powered on, the unit is instantly ready to ride. There’s actually no calibration of the unit, nor roll-down process for it. It’s basically identical to the higher end Tacx NEO trainer in that regard. Attempting to send a calibration command to it from an app (or via FE-C) just results in a confused blank stare from the trainer. It’s basically saying: “I don’t need none of that peasantry roll-down stuff, I’m self-calibrated 100% of the time”. Roughly.

I will share this bug with the team :+1:.