Calibration on phone to translate to laptop app

So I recently got the Elite Direto and have found there is no option for a spin down calibration on my mac laptop. I see it on the TR app on my phone though. If I do the spin down calibration on my phone, will it translate over to my laptop app? And if anyone knows why I don’t have the option on my mac, I would love to know how to fix that!

You sure it’s not there under devices and if you click on your trainer you can’t perform one?
I just double checked on my laptop and its there on the latest version.

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The calibration value is stored in the trainer. As such, you can calibrate it with any device and use the trainer with a different device, if desired.

As above from @RONDAL, make sure to look at the Devices section in both. The menu layout varies, but the calibration should be available in all apps.

CONFIRM! There is no calibration support for Direto in the PC TR program.

Good news, though. The calibration factor is stored in firmware on the Direto itself. So you can do a spindown using pretty much any old software and you’ll be ok. Use Elite’s calibration routine if you want. Heck, I think even just a Garmin 520 has a power meter calibration that might do the trick.


Interesting. Hopefully they will get that corrected as part of the upcoming update.

It’s definitely not there. I’m wondering if it’s because I have Bluetooth disabled on my Mac (for erg mode to work properly). I will try my next workout with it enabled and see if there is a calibration option.

@mcneese.chad thanks for the input. I’m glad to hear it works through the trainer and not the app. I got concerned because sweet spot felt easy, but I think I may have just gotten stronger :scream:

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According to our internal Wiki, the Direto will calibrate in TrainerRoad Apps, but only when baired via Bluetooth.

That means that you should be able to calibrate the Direto using a Mac or PC as long as you are using Bluetooth to pair.


Thanks @Bryce! It would be cool if I can get the erg mode to respond quicker with Bluetooth now since I’ve been troubleshooting several different things to optimize training.

Slow ERG response seems to be a common issue/attribute of the Elite trainers. I have seen that as a complaint from several people in various places (here and other forums).

Can a short term workaround not simply be to pair via bluetooth, run a spin down calibration through the app, then unpair BT and utilize ANT+?

Alternatively does Direto not offer its own spindown calibration app like wahoo utility does?

That seems to be about the same amount of work as my original plan without having to try to fiddle with my laptop while riding.

Direto has their own app. It’s awful.