Suito calibration timed out


I’m trying to calibrate my new suito with iOS app but I’getting Calibration attempt timed out error!

What I’m doing wrong?

I always have to go way faster than it tells me. If I get over 20mph in the calibration display it usually works.

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Mine used to do that all the time, despite me pedalling furiously. Then I read the freewheel circumference should be set to 2070 (not 2096) and it calibrates every time now.

I finally did it… I had to ride it 10+ minutes and after that everything went fine!


I’ve been having similar issues with iOS and and Elite Drivo, did the warm up have to be “in” the elite app.

I’ve done it after Zwift/TR and never works, Though did get to work on Android though

Hmmm… Sorry for the trouble, best practice for stuff like this is to check in with support team ( so they can check out device connectivity, run through any troubleshooting specific to your devices and software versions, and so on. :+1:

I have the exact same thing. Get it going nice and fast and the spin down works every time now.

Hello. Where id you make that change? In Trainerroad? Or in the Elite app? Thanks.

Does it calibrate in the Trainerroad app for you? Or only the Elite app?

Never mind. I finally got it to calibrate in Zwift, TR, and MyElitetraining. Just had to up the mph for longer, as was suggested above.


I made the change in the Elite app and calibrated from there.