Drills to make power smoother

Hi all,

Relatively new to cycling, and I am a very surgey rider on and off the trainer. Off the trainer because my handleing isn’t great (working on that), but on the trainer my power isn’t smooth.

I am using PowerMatch with my stages and kickr core, and my power smoothing is set to 15 seconds.

Here is my most recent ride

Curious on suggestions to help with a more consistent power output. On the trainer I do not feel like I am surgey.

Thanks in advance!

Two things come to mind:

  1. Is It possible your saddle is set too high? If you are confident your fit is ok…
  2. Single leg drills.

Beyond that there are some drills that may or may not help. Try emphasizing pushing the foot forward over the top and pulling back through the bottom. These are super subtle and more of a sensation you have to think about.

I would suggest the following:

  • set your smoothing to 5 seconds;
  • pick a non-undulating steady state interval workout, e.g. Carson;
  • use the first 30-60 seconds to find a cadence which delivers the target power +/-;
  • focus on maintaining that cadence (instead of focus on power).

This won’t be a quick fix but the more you practice the more smooth you will become.

Also do like 8 weeks of pedalling drills.

What gear are you riding in? Try small ring, mid cassette. This can make the trainer react better to control power.

Thank you all

I use 2 second smoothing, my power also got a lot smoother when i switched to tubeless. That may not be everyone’s experience but for me it was night and day.