Technique question power and cadence?

Using trainer road and wahoo kickr. I seem to have a hardtime mainting power even though its feels very doable, my cadence tends to go up as I am trying raise my effort and the power dips. I feel like I am chasing my power. Is this pedaling technique issue? Does this make sense?

If you ramp up your cadence in anticipation of an interval then the Kickr will crank down the power to compensate, try easing into the interval, keeping your cadence the same and increasing your power as the Kickr brings you to target power. It is technique, and being smooth will make the transitions easier, especially when above 100% of threshold.

Are you in ERG mode?

yes erg mode. thought it also had to do with smoothing time, which is set to 5 seconds.

I suspect mostly technique and so trying to slow cadence to smooth out the power curve. It seems very sensative

thnks for quick response.
love TR

Smoothing is only on the display. The only impact it has is on your perception.

Ignore the power target. Instead, focus on your cadence and make it as smooth as possible. Let the app and trainer do the work to hit the target.

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thanks makes sense. numbers are numbers, I hate chasing them but they are great rabbit.

I am total amateur and just love the structure of TR. new the forum. What great resource. thnks

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