Down with rounding DOWN!

I want my extra watt!

This post is only somewhat serious, but if any of you have ever manually calculated the target power during a workout or the FTP result from a ramp test, TR always rounds down… wah waaaaah. Even if the decimal comes to XXX.9, the result is rounded down.

My guess is that initially, rounding down was just a small step toward keeping all of us overzealous athletes from overdoing it, but now that AT has that under control, how about we do some traditional rounding (nearest)??

In the end one watt is well within the margin of error for all PMs so that one watt is meaningless in either direction.


Are you sure about this?

Looking at an old Ramp Test:
FTP going in 270
Step 10: 106% 286.2, rounded to 286
Step 11: 112% = 302.4, rounded to 302
Step 12: 118% = 318.6, rounded to 319
Step 13: 124% = 334.8, rounded to 335
Best 1 minute power was 366, 75% = 274.5, final result was rounded up to 275

I usually just round to the nearest 5 or 10. A couple watts won’t do a whole lot since it’s an estimation anyway

It sounds like it is like time keeping in a race. (In the TT world of UK timekeeping anyway). You did NOT do the rounded up number. So you get the rounded down one. Otherwise people’s times will be ones they never achieved, and your FTP will not be one you achieved :slight_smile:

Frankly it is neither here nor their. If it really matters, just do the test again and try a bit harder next time :rofl: :joy: :thinking:

… then take teh best of three…


That reminds of the ToC Chrono Lol, the photo clearly shows 05.81, when I’m am well past the line. My OT was 43.06.46 (rounded up and some!) #IWANTMYSECONDBACK :joy:

What has the margin of error of a powermeter got to do with wattage display? One watt may indeed be meaningless, but that’s because realistically difference is small.
Just because my powermeter might read high or low, doesn’t mean when comparing it to my powermeter the differences are negligent.

I am told, talking whilst helping a long serving CTT Time keeper, that the CTT time Keepers round down any fractions of a second in your time. Its a policy decision. If you did 55m 30.7 seconds, then rounding up would have you faster than you actually did. So you would get 55:30, not 55:31.

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Was that between 2 and 3 years, or between 1.5 and 2.5?

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