Dominant Team Tactics, Pre-Workout Snacks, Understanding CTL & More – Ask a Cycling Coach 204

Anybody else having trouble downloading the episode? When I click the download link, it tries to download episode 203 instead of 204.

Excellent podcast guys. On the topic of improving anaerobic capacity improving threshold and subthreshold abilities I was wondering to ask @chad if he’s done any research in to the work that Sebastian Weber has done with regards to VLamax and how the relationship of your anaerobic capacity to your aerobic capacity will determine your fractional utilization of VO2 max for FTP. What some people have said about there being a push/pull relationship between the two seems to be true. Back in January when I did a sprint intensity block instead of VO2 max work (but still did the threshold/over unders from SSBII) I progressively lost my ability to maintain power at threshold during the block.

This is a pretty interesting topic and can really give us some clues as to why we’re good as certain types of efforts vs struggling at others. The high AC crowd can do short efforts relatively easy, but threshold and sweet spot are quite difficult since they also come with a high level of lactate production. People in the lower AC crowd doesn’t utilize enough energy anaerobically and thus their VO2 max is actually closer to FTP. So if you have two riders with the same 1 hour power (not estimated FTP) they could have very different VO2 max and anaerobic capacities.

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Mine went fine from Soundcloud.

Weird @mcneese.chad . I have tried it on my phone and also on my desktop from the download symbol within the soundcloud thing that is right below the “topics covered” list on this page:

The link points at:

Same way I have always downloaded them. The streaming version is correct but the download version is not. Both ways (phone and desktop) keep downloading episode 203 instead of 204

Odd. I’ve used Podbean in the past when I had trouble with other episodes. Maybe that or one of the other sites will work for you.

@Nate_Pearson @Jonathan I had similar shifting issues with SRAM e-tap where I would try and move up the block in the rear and nothing would happen. I found that adjusting the B-limit screw made a huge difference. I found that the rear mech was moving when I was asking it to, but it wasn’t creating enough movement to advance the chain up the block. Maybe there was too much flex in the system? Anyway, adjusting the B-limit made all the difference for me and I haven’t had issues since I made this mechanical change.

re burritos: Two years ago I moved from New Mexico, American burrito mecca (fight me), to Norway. Burritos are not a thing, and I still haven’t really worked through my withdrawal.

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Anyone recall what the name of the stomach muscle that was cramping on @Nate_Pearson.

Your iliopsoas. Or just psoas for short


What I’d like to hear more about is Jose who has the 250w FTP.

Everyone wants the high FTP but seems like it would be interesting to see how he gets by in some of these races.

Agreed - set up a LAP for Kilojoules and do 1m efforts? @chad any ideas? @Nate_Pearson ?

Just a guess from the vids, he looks small and light. I suspect he is over 4 w/kg even at that 250w FTP.

I’m around that FTP, 5’ 10" (likely taller than him) and 65kg and that is 3.8w/kg. So if he is shorter and lighter, that makes more of the same FTP.

Add to that his apparently good tradecraft and you have a strong rider.

Hi @Bioteknik. I actually know Sebastian fairly well as I met him last year at the USAC conference where I spent a fair amount of time discussing VLamax with him and Kevin Poulton, Matt Hayman’s/Caleb Ewan’s coach. I also attended his (exhausting but really informative) Lactate masterclass post-conference. His use of lactate measurement (and even estimation) to determine aerobic/anaerobic limitations and strengths is super interesting and his knowledge has led to far greater (but still much learning to do) understanding of how to really individualize training - all things to which we’ll continue devoting effort as our training platform evolves.


I used to race cars in a very competitive class. We paid a lot of attention to tire pressure, and how the ambient temp affects the final “hot” pressure, to the point that we even used a temperature compensated pressure gauge. You measured the starting temp of the tire, and it gave you what pressure that is at 80 deg.

A good rule of thumb is that tire pressure increases .8 psi for every 10deg in ambient temp. I have used that with extremely good results. I haven’t found that altitude (within reason), has changed that very much.

Chad - do you have experience with the INSCYD platform? Any perspectives on what it’s good for, what the limitations might be?

The concept seems pretty compelling, but don’t know what trajectory this is on i.e. if this kind of analysis will become mainstream or not.

Sorry, @DaveWh. Short of the little bit of exposure I got at the masterclass, I have no further experience with it.

Yeah. Might be nice to know what his tradecraft is to hang in these higher cat races. I feel like I’m barely holding on at Cat 5 at 230

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Does anyone know where to find the Self Messager they talked about?

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This and many others like it available.

Search “selfie massager”

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@Ian any ideas?