Doing Dans recovery workout on days off

If I’m doing a low volume plan mid week and club ride on a sunday is it fair to say that doing Dans on my days off will only benefit?

Only one way to find out. Try it out and see. I like to do dans on my double days (prescribed intensity in the morning and recovery/low end endurance in the afternoon) but I also find I take to recovery rides rather well(I often feel less fatigued after a dans/taku/carter). Sometimes I’m too fatigued to do even a recovery ride so be aware/realistic when those days happen. Keep at least one day off for full recovery.

It could help or it could be useless. Dans is easy enough to where it’s rarely going to be detrimental. Maybe too easy in some cases.

Coach Chad has mentioned there being potential muscle fiber recruitment benefits of doing two workouts in the same day, typically the harder workout in the morning and the easy workout in the late afternoon/early evening. Dans would be a good candidate for this.

Filling in the off days, after around 23 hours of rest, you might be fresh enough to where a harder workout is required to see real gains, e.g. Pettit or Baxter.

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I would agree with the above - if you have reduced the fatigue level enough that you can do Pettit or Baxter -2 then go for it provided it doesn’t compromise your next workout. If you are to fatigued for Pettit you need a day off!