Swapping Monday off for recovery ride - which workout that won't harm recovery?

Not looking to do this every Monday, just maybe once or twice during the whole sweet spot base HV plan. Want to burn some cals without ruining my week by being too fatigued to really nail it.

Is there anything on the TR workouts that would fit the bill. I saw rides called recess at 50% FTP, then I saw some others at 45-55% FTP. Is there a % or duration that you shouldn’t go over during recovery rides?

Is it possible to do an hour at 50% FTP say, and actually be more recovered, or not be more fatigued, the following day?

Pick Baxter-1 or Petit and knock the intensity down a bit. Take a short break/back pedal if you find the constant pedalling to be a bit much.

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What % is or isn’t going to add any fatigue is all relative to the person. Also depends on the fatigue coming in to the workout. Sounds like you are looking to just spin out the legs without adding any additional stress into your legs. For me that is 50% and below. Start the workout and if it doesn’t feel right you can always back the intensity down :+1:


Pounds are lost in the kitchen and you’ll never out ride a poor diet. So if your diet is not on point I’d suggest to look there first. If you’re already on a HV plan I’d be hard pressed to suggest more training, especially if your goals are burning calories. I’d be real careful short changing your recovery, as recovery is when your body builds back stronger.

Unless you’re coming from a long history of HV training and you know your body can handle it, then and only then would I recommend adding in additional recovery rides to a HV plan. As the saying goes, most go too hard on their recovery rides/weeks and not hard enough on their hard days. So as a recovery ride make it real easy and aim for 30-60 mins. It should feel easy and at this point you’re just spinning out the legs, presumably from a hard two days of weekend rides.

Better yet, if you feel you have more in the tank or you’re looking to just “burn calories”, a better approach may be to add a recovery ride at the end of your normal ride days and keep recovery days to no riding.


On a recent podcast it was recommended to do 40% FTP for one hour. I’d start with that.

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Thanks guys, been having a look around and there seems to be some different ideas about the recovery zone. I’ll go with 40% for now and see how that goes. Used to do recovery rides with the high vol plan last year but was also doing a lot of extra stuff then too so by the end of SSBHV II things started to break down. Thought I’d play it real safe this time round, and get some ideas from other TR’ers before adding anything else to the plan.

I finished SSBHV 6ish weeks ago - be cautious adding volume unless you are certain you’re comfortable at 700 weekly TSS for an extended period of time