Low watt to kg after cycling a lot of miles the last 3 years

I have done a lot of long slow miles over the last 3 years but very little if nothing of interval stuff. Have averaged about 10,000km a year but my watt to kg is only 2.55. It seems fairly low and just wondering would that be because of mainly doing long, slow endurance stuff the last few years. 2 weeks into TR and find it brilliant. Doing SSB 1…Hi volume which I find tough but feeling great. Thought it might be too much considering I’m new to this but maybe the long slow miles have laid a good base possibly.

I’m certainly no expert, but you probably have a monster base, or just had a rough go of the testing protocol you used. I would imagine, if you’re 10,000 ks a year are mostly flat, then maybe you just weren’t ready for the V02 level of the pointy end of the ramp test. I’d be interested to see what kind of bump you see after SSB1.

Most of the mileage would be fairly hilly but was always concentrating on keeping my HR down therefore not really pushing hard on hills. Done the 20min test and ramp test and both were similar so think it’s fairly accurate. It’s just a little annoying when you hear of NEW cyclists with a similar FTP as me!! So yeah I’m hoping for a decent gain after the 1st 6 weeks, I guess time will tell.

There is training and there is riding. You’ve got a ton of riding in your legs but very little training. This should lead to a substantial base that you’ll be able to take advantage of - the very fact that you are handling a high volume plan will put you on a different trajectory than a new cyclist. Very few people without an extensive cycling background can just dive into a high volume plan - so take advantage of your past three years and focus on the process - the gains will come


I’m not new to cycling and I have a higher FTP than you but I can tell you one thing for sure. There is no way in hell I could ride one of the TR High Volume plans!

Looking forward to seeing how you get on.

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