Does two person triathlon exist?

Can anyone point me to any triathlon events that would allow two people to race as a team in a triathlon?

My father is an avid swimmer and runs half marathons, but can’t bike to save his life. I’m a cyclist but can’t run 100 yards, knee injury means i get pain with any impact activity.

This would be just for fun and something to do together.

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Can’t you just do a “normal” tri relay and have him do 2 legs?

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Sure, if that’s a thing:)

Quick answers are good

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Yes. Most triathlons have a relay category where 2-3 people compete on a team and split up the legs of it however they like. Ironman branded full Ironman distance races do not have relay options. But their half distance races do typically have team options. Every smaller local tri I’ve ever done has had team options


It’s a thing. Most non-ironman branded triathlons have relay options in my area.