Does the Garmin Edge 1030 accurately measure HRV?

I’m starting to dabble in montering my heart rate variability (HRV). Currently I’m using the my Edge 1030 “Stress Score” function to measure my HRV. Does anyone have any experience with measuring HRV using the Edge 1030 and its accuracy versus other HRV measuring devices. Bottom line if its accurate I would rather use the 1030 then fork out more cash for another gadget…


I’m not super happy with Garmin stress scores. In my case, if I’m completely beaten down, it tells me so (which isn’t particularly useful) but when I have iffy days it is all over the place. I’ve noticed that specifically on iffy days, if I’m doing a warm up that is low intensity I get a green stress score but if I jump right into a more intense workout specific warmup (like before Mills or any V02Max interval workout on TR) I get a red score (and even on well-recovered days I’ll get this red score).

I don’t really understand why they think the intensity of the warmup should/could affect my total stress or recovery from the previous workout. So I disregard it. For me, Garmin really is shooting from the hip with their recovery scores as well as with the “body battery” feature in some of their watches/activity trackers.

That said - HRV4 Training is an app you can get on your cellphone that uses your camera and flash to take your HRV. It works and there is a lot of research to show it’s pretty accurate. There are other apps like that too (but I believe HRV4 is the original - could be wrong, anyhow, it’s the one I use).


I have the 1080 edge but I don’t use the hrv function. But a product I know some pro triathletes use to track hrv as well as a host of other data, is the Cercacor Ember Sport Premium.

Peter, thanks! I will give that app a try. thanks again.

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It sync with TrainingPeaks too, which is another plus for me.

Maybe TrainerRoad will get some 3rd party apps syncing over to their calendar at some point :wink:

Okay thanks for the response! I will look into the Cercacor Ember Sport. Thanks again.

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