Elite HRV vs Garmin Stress Score Biomarker Tracking

Anyone using either Elite HeartRate Variablity-HRV(EH) and/or Garmin Stress Score(GSS)?

I´m recording data on my TR Calendar from both EH and GSS. 

However, Since NOV 19 my training is completey based on my HRV from EH´s Red, Amber, Green. If Green and TR plan has a HIIT scheduled that day I execute. If EH as Amber and HIIT is scheduled I adjust to a Endurance or Recovery option and Red day off completely.
I also record GSS but dont follow and in most cases it´s reading are very different from EH almost 180º out.
I have noticed for my HIIT sessions to include Ramp Tests when executed at EH Green I feel good and usually perform well.
Finally my questons: 1.Does EH and GSS track the same biomarker data?
2, Is one more accurate than the other?
Or, are they both just witchcraft :upside_down_face:
As I can go weeks on EH Green HIIT workouts while my GSS has me in Moderate Stress Amber or High Stress Red?(Note this is following a TR plan @chad with Easy Endurance and rest built in.)

Garmin use HRV-based technology from FirstBeat on a number of products so It is likely they do.

If measurement is carried out during the same time it is likely they correlate. “Accurate” is a difficult matter; It is important to perform the measurement under the same circumstances every time. I do my measurement first thing in the morning after I sit up in bed, feet on the floor. I take a minute for the heart to settle and then measure. That usually give me a good value, but not always.

I use HRV4Training but it is basically the same as the Elite app. I’ve found it rather useful in conjunction with the recovery data I get from my 820. I give both some merit as part of the input parameters I rely on.

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Thanks for the response. Most of the time my EH and GSS via 1030 are not in sync. Yes I do them same time every day first thing I do before I get out of bed. I stand EH first followed by the GSS. I read somewhere you can stand or sit but whatever you choose you should be consistant. I track recordings of both but I prioritze my Tng based on EH.
I guess I will maintain the status quo.
thanks again for your reply

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