HRV reading post workouts

I was doing some test to see if my subjective feeling of workout intensity (the survey answer post workout) can be correlated with data. I have started to use the garmin hrv test right after my workout is done. I unclip and stand for 3mins as soon as my HR is down to high Z1 (ie around 100 bpm for me for a max of 190)

so far, I find that the HRV results correlates fairly well with how the workout feels, with some limitations since the garmin algorithm scores you on a scale of 0-100.

For “easy” workouts, I tend to be below 80. Medium workout are between 85-95, and anything above 95 are hard. I haven’t had a very hard workout but the method wont work since garmin HRV is capped to 100.

Anyone else experimenting with this? is it a reliable metric or is it too sensitive to external stress (beside the workout itself)

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In case you haven’t searched, there are quite a few existing topics to review:

Hi Chad! I had attempted to search in the forum history but mostly found thread about hrv reading in the morning. Unfortunately I could not find anything about hrv right after a workout.

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I’ve played around with HRV and other metrics for years and constantly come back to RPE/subjective feelings as the primary metric of recovery/session intensity.

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HRV is not a reliable metric. I wouldn’t use HRV for anything other than maybe long term trends. We all want some sort of data to tell us our fatigue, recovery, energy levels, etc., unfortunately though no device exists yet. At the point your RPE and intuition is the most reliable source.

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