Does Pete Morris from the PM team and Team Clif Bar have a personal youtube?

I was wondering if Pete has a personal youtube channel where he breaks down his crits? I didn’t find anything with a quick Google search. I was watching the newest video from Jeff of NorCal Cycling Videos and noticed Pete had a gopro under his saddle. Or, at least I assume it’s Pete unless Team Clif Bar has another solidly built, long-haired, blonde on the team.

If not, can you get on making more breakdown videos, TR!?

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I don’t know about YouTube, but he is frequent/co-hosts on the fasturday podcast. I’ve only listened to one episode, so I’m not sure how much race breakdown goes on, but it’s supposed to be all about crits.

A lot of us folks race w GoPros and use it as seeing hits and misses - getting better. Not necessarily just to do YouTube videos.

But I’d bet TR is going to do another recap vid w Pete’s thoughts like they have in the past. They’re pretty insightful.

Tyler aka Vegan Cyclist has great recaps as well. And I like watching Cory Williams

Hey Patrick, that’s some impressive detective work. I have run GoPros in the past, but never really did anything with the footage. This year though, we have a new setup and will be making some actionable videos (similar to Jeff’s videos) along with releasing the full race with power overlays to watch while training. You should see these from most of the races I do over the course of the season, along with Nate and Jon and a couple other TR employees’ footage.


Awesome! I think the first ever crit breakdown video I watched was from one of the weeknight series races in Reno you guys did a vid on and ever since then I’ve been hooked on the tactics videos. I really hadn’t even had a desire to race until I started watching those. So you can tell @Nate_Pearson that you personally sold at least one subscription. :joy:

Looking forward to seeing more! And thanks for hopping in to reply!