Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 467… Pete is back baby!

Haven’t seen a post on this week’s episode so wanted to chime in and say it was awesome to have Pete back as a guest. Loved the energy this week… Just like old times talking bikes!

Will definitely stop by freelap this summer when up in Tahoe!


It was great to have Pete back this week
I hope he’s (again) a recurrent presence from now on


Oh wow! I’ll have to give this one a listen. I’ve noticed he’s recently been posting on Strava again. I wonder if he took time off?


I’d love to see them around the TR boardroom table again if all of an episode’s participants are in the general area of Reno. I appreciate that the 'rona necessitated Brady-Bunching the podcast, but even though they got the tech mostly sorted, nothing quite matches the energy they all had when in the same room, filmed by one camera, with no edits, & occasionaly smack-talking one another. :grin:


I’m guessing with the pal talk someone forgot to hit record on the camera - this one’s not on YouTube?

It’s right there for me.


I was in the gym this morning listening to the podcast and Pete’s voice came on. It made me soooo happy and now nothing can ruin my day. Congrats on the new baby Pete!


Here’s a link to Pete’s shop:

I’ve been in once or twice. The service is great and products are all high-end.


Hey everyone, thank you for the kind words! It was really fun to be back on the Pod, and I’ll try my best to be on it again :smile:

@Pbase I definitely took some time off with the baby and the bike shop last year, and just honestly survived the best I could. I’m slowly getting back in action and I’ll keep posting on Strava and try to make it a little more entertaining. I’ll be doing local racing and a few different events that aren’t exactly in my wheelhouse, but should be fun!


Glad to hear things are going well for you Pete. The God of Thunder has been missed!

Maybe you, Nate, and Jon can do a pod in the studio together? There was a certain magic when you guys were all in the studio together. Congrats on the baby and the bike shop!


I’d LOVE to hear more about this ski trip!