Does Garmin Connect Have a Daily Activity Limit?

I went badge hunting in Zwift today and knocked out 8 different routes. Because of the way Zwift works, that means 8 different activities sent to Strava and TrainerRoad, but for some reason Garmin Connect is only showing 3 rides. I tried to manually upload the ones not showing (after downloading the fit files from Strava), but they failed.

Is there a daily limit on the number of activities you can upload to GC? (In retrospect, I could have solved this by running my head unit side by side. Live and learn). I can shrug it off, but it’s 2.5 hours worth of rides, so I’d like it to apply to my Body Battery, etc.

If there is a limit, I would think this would suck for Triatheles, who would have 5 activities if they record transitions.

When you uploaded the fit files manually, did it give a reason why it failed? I wonder if the issue is on Zwift’s side and the fit files it generates are busted somehow.

Edit: read too fast and just realized the activities made it to Strava, so probably not. I’d suggest downloading the fit files directly from Zwift instead and uploading those, just in case.

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It doesn’t. It just says, “An error occurred with your upload. Please try again”

Same error

It’s on Garmin’s side

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Try fit file tools to fix files and see if it makes a difference?

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It has loaded successfully to Training Peaks, Trainer Road, Strava and Intervals. It’s on Garmin’s side. I’m trying to see if anyone else has come across a 3 activity limit.

A triathlon file is multiple activities in one file, rather than multiple files.

The limit is 99,999 points, i.e. 99,999 seconds if recorded on 1s recording, and also 25MB.

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Thanks. I was thinking you would record a swim, then a transition, then a ride, then transition, then a run, for a total of 5 activities. I’m not a triathlete, so I’ve never done it myself on the Fenix. I see you’re saying there’s actually an activity called “Triathlon” so that wouldn’t apply.

I’m not saying I think there are a lot of people who would record more than 3 activities a day, but if this is indeed a limit in GC, it’s a +1 for Strava over GC, and I don’t give Strava many +1s!

I’ve done 3 rides before, with no problem. Maybe try manually tomorrow and see what happens.

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I have too. Have you done 4? That’s where the problem starts.

5 months ago I did 4 rides, recorded on 530.

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Thanks! I wonder if that’s because you recorded it on the Garmin. I should have thought to dual record. Stupid mistake on my part.

It’s not uncommon for me to upload 8-12 activities per day to GC. These are all recorded on either Garmin devices, or, from a compatible 3rd party app (TR/Zwift/etc).

This happens when I’m doing 1-3 trainer tests per day, each with usually 3-4 files per test (per power meter basically, with a backup + app). Then a few other random activities.

If there’s a limit, I’ve never hit it.


Thanks Ray. I was secretly hoping you or Shane would weigh in.

Any idea why my rides loaded to all those other platforms but won’t load to Garmin?

Only to confirm (because I haven’t seen it explicitly stated): Garmin Connect shows that you didn’t do as much total activity (duration in time) as the other platforms, right? In other words, just checking that the files that did upload didn’t somehow contain the activity records of the files that wouldn’t upload, right?

If that’s not the case, I think it’s probably an issue with a munged file format coming from Zwift, but I had one other idea:
Any chance there could be something wrong with the timestamps on the activities? Maybe Garmin Connect is seeing them as overlapping, and won’t upload because of the time conflict?

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Good shout… that is the only issue I have ever had.

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Thanks. I’ll have a look at the time stamps if I can. It definitely has not accounted for the time.

Most was 3:

  • Ride to the race
  • Race
  • Ride home from race
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Just a super quick confirmation, it doesn’t show up here despite the error, right: Garmin Connect |

(That’s the shortcut to the activities list on GC, on your account)

And when you’re uploading, you’re manually taking the .FIT file from Garmin device (which ones?) and uploading it to GC, versus having the watch/edge automatically sync?


It does not show up in Garmin Connect. Three of the 8 files show up. The other five do not. To try to fix, I am manually downloading the FIT files from Zwift and attempting to upload to GC

Note: Also tried downloading from Strava with no luck uploading. All 8 made it to TR, Intervals, and Strava automagically.