Garmin Connect not syncing with Strava

Anyone have any ideas on how I can remedy this? Yesterday’s activity as well as all other previous activity’s have synced from my watch, to Garmin Connect, to Strava without issue. Today’s race uploaded to GC but not to Strava. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting from both the Strava and the GC app.

I had this hiccup this morning. Had to manually load the fit file. Hopefully just a server down

I actually had Zwift crash this morning. I recovered the fit file and loaded it (and the one for the 2nd half of the workout) to Garmin Connect, but for whatever reason, one of the two (different names) won’t load to the GC app on my phone.

If you don’t already know, you can manually upload your fit file to Strava.

My couple rides this morning were slow to push over from GC to Strava, but they did eventually pop over.

My ride last night as well as my ride this morning (both outside) were both slow to push from Garmin to Strava, but they both showed up. I’ve noticed this a few times over the years - not sure if this is due to one of the two entities performing server maintenance or what.

Of my multiple rides all but the last ride synced no problem. With the last ride I had to upload the file directly to strava.

It’s been very sluggish today. My lunchtime ride took around an hour to sync over.

Ditto. Took a couple of hours. Ended up rebooting Garmin edge to upload.

Well….Stage 2 didn’t upload to Strava either. :man_shrugging:

Update…all good now. I disconnected from Garmin on the PC and reconnected. All of my activities uploaded.