Does anyone have any experience of Ron Wheels?

Instagram just threw an ad at me for Ron Wheels[MG]+Ruch+-+Nowy+Sezon&utm_content=karuzela1

I’ve never heard of them before. Has anyone had any experience of them?

I’d stay away. Looks like someone found a china carbon rim and slapped a name on it. Generic hubs that I googled and found on Aliexpress. What are you looking for and what do you want to spend on a set of wheels? I can make a few recommendations.


@salmonbun Thanks for the reply. I’m not really looking. I just thought €600 for a deep front and disk rear seemed too good.

I’ve a rear disk - 2 seasons TT’ing and no issues. Rim width is thin, but build quality is good for the money. Solid entry level wheels.

I’ve a couple friends who’ve got the rear TT disc wheel, they seem happy enough with it