Winspace Lun 45mm

Does anyone have any experience with these wheels? I know the Hypers have received quite a bit of publicity but have not heard much on the Lun wheelsets. Thanks for any info!

I have a pair. The rims look good, and the spokes came pretty evenly tensioned. Braking surface is pretty good although I’m running Miche pads and they squeal alot. The hubs look quite cheap. The Lun logos are stickers on the hubs. They run well though, no problems rolling. Tyres are easy to fit. I got mine pretty cheap with a discount code CHINACYCLING10. Hopefully that still works.

Yeah, there are a lot of 10% off codes out there that work. Any regret about the purchase? I appreciate the response!

No regrets. Well, actually I wish I’d saved and splashed out on some Bora 45 WTOs but that’s more about wanting to have a full campag set up. For the money I don’t think you can complain about the LUNs. I’ll run the rims until the hubs fail then swap in some DT Swiss 240s.

I have Lún HYPER 45mm a few days and my first impressions are great (I am a simple man - I love the rim pattern).
However, before I write a full review, I want to compare them with other Chinese wheelsets like YOELEO SAT PRO, Farsports Ventoux S, etc.
I expect to release the reviews, comparisons, and tests in 1-3 months on my website and YouTube channel.
So, stay tuned. :blush: