Reynolds Strike 66 Rims cracked :(

Just got a puncture on my tubeless wheelset and figured out my rim was cracked.

I have an Aeroad Disc, so looking for recommendations for an aero set. Previous wheels were 66mm deep and I enjoyed that so looking for something similar, but didn’t have to be quite that deep.

Looking for a set probably in the $1500-2000 range. May go a bit higher if there is a clear winner.


Those Reynolds wheels that come with the Aeroad are junk. I don’t care how pretty they look. I also have a small crack in one of mine and putting on and taking off tires is an absolute nightmare!!

I’ve moved over to the Far Sport tubeless wheels. Best bang for the buck IMO. I have a set on all of my bikes now.


I found some Roval CLX 64 front and rear disc for about $1350. What do people think of this version prior to the Rapides?

Don’t have personal experience, but people seemed to like them, not quite as manageable in wind as the CLX 50 which seemed to be very good, but still a solid performer and fast wheelset.

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Roval 50’s

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I had them on my venge. They good for 64s. They are now on my wall as art. For 1350 it’s time to take them down and put them on eBay.