Anyone have Yoleo wheels?

Looking for feedback from anyone who’s actually bought a wheelset from this company.

I’m looking at their SAT C46/46 DB PRO disc clincher / tubeless wheelset as shown on their European website

At face value seems like a good deal:

  • 46mm depth carbon disc wheelset
  • Hooked rims tubeless compatible
  • 27.5mm external rim width
  • comes with sapim CX Ray spokes
  • they will do me a 28 spike set at no extra charge (normally 24 spoke) as I’m heavy
  • weight with DT Swiss 240s hubs is about 20% less than my current aluminium wheels at just over 1600g (give or take)
  • 3 year warranty

The cost appears to be around £1k for these (if I’ve done my maths conversion from Euros correctly) which compares well to the regular ‘brands’.

A quick Google search suggest the aero qualities as tested by Hambini and others is on a par with other wheelsets from major brands too

Interested to know peoples actual user experience - IE: ease of fitting tubeless tyres to the rim, durability, perceived quality of the carbon and construction / assembly of the wheelset, noticeable issues / benefits etc

Thanks :blush:

I bought a pair of SAT C50|50 DB SL which came at around 1480 grams like 3 months.

Paid ~850€ and recieved them within 3 weeks.

Support was great and the percieved quality is just as good as on my Roval CLX64.

Can’t speak about durability and tubless setup yet but i’m super happy with the wheels overall.

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I bought a set of carbon clinchers 80mm/60mm from them about 4 years ago, price was very good and I was super happy with them. Service was also great, appreciate a lot can change in 4 years but if they are today what they were then then I’d have no qualms about ordering from them. One thing to be mindful of is that you may (I did) get hit with a customs charge.

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Thanks for the tip about customs. I think (hope) that the fact they have a European site / distribution means this may be negated. I will ask them directly for clarification.


I ordered from the european site aswell and have not been charged extra for what it’s worth.

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Not used Yoleo but have used Farsport. They are the 2 companies (At least when I did my research) of ‘Chinese wheels’ with the best reputation and quality control.

My FarSport wheels have been excellent and would buy again without a doubt. Heard similar good things about Yoleo as well.

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Another vote for Farsports, I’ve been abusing a set on my gravel bike and they’ve been superb. Sub 7kg All-Road Bliss #newwheelday - YouTube

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I’ve bought a set of Yeoleo’s C60/88 pro with the DTSwiss 350 hubs wheels about 1.5 years ago.
So far nothing but positives and can 100% recommend.

  • Get into mail contact with em and you’ll probably get to talk to either Katrina or Jasmine. Ask em questions about the wheels and they’ll often answer within 24h. Once they get a feel that you’re interested ask for a discount. After a couple back and forths they gave me 8% off, so may be worth the try. If you have a YT channel you’ll be able to get a bigger discount if you do an unboxing/review video.
  • Wheels haven’t needed any maintenance so far. Still true and spokes tension just as good as when they arrived.
  • Tyres (not tubeless) pop on easily by hand and there’s a couple satisfying pops when they seat.
  • Hit a big rock in a descent a week ago at around 50kph. Big bang, flat tyre, rock got pulverized, no damage whatsoever to the wheels. And I somehow managed to stay upright eventhough I was in the aerobars.
  • Customs is no problem from the EU and doesn’t cost anything extra.
  • You have the option to customize your wheels a bit if you ask them about it. I went with 36 instead of 18 tooth ratchet in the rear hub, and got colored spoke nipples to match my bike.
  • Quality and assembly appear to be top notch. No rough edges, gaps in the carbon, popping spokes or squeeks. They feel very sturdy and have proven to be able to withstand some beating.
  • Delivery took a bit longer then expected because of the supplier for the 36t ratchet. Communication on the matter was pretty good and they kept me up to date and apologized for any delay.
  • Wheels were packaged nicely and the box didn’t appear to be damaged. Valve extenders were included as well as 2 extra spokes.

If there’s anything more you’d like to know, just ask.

/edit: having no spoke holes in the rim is pretty awesome even if you’re not running tubeless. I’m using latex tubes and they lose considerably less air than I commonly read on the interwebs.

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I was about to order a set of Yoleo wheels last year but after they scored really well in the Hambini aero tests the price went up by 30-40%! For example, they want $970 for their SAT Pro wheels with DT Swiss 350 hubs. I got pretty much the same wheelset from Farsports for $600 shipped to the US.

I’ve been happy with Farsports.

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Are you sure that was due to Hambini’s post? I thought is was due to their wheels now being UCI approved, which was a considerable effort in both time and money.

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I had a pair a few years ago. Actually now I think about it I bought rims and had them built up. They were great, ran them tubeless with just a single layer of tape. I was using rim brakes and they developed a bit of a pulse, but I’d buy again.

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Maybe it was a coincidence but I was looking at Yoleo, Farsports, and LightBicycle. They were all similarly priced and then Hambini’s article came out and the Yoleo wheels went up from $600ish to almost $1000.

And I’d trust any of these three brands. Based on the comments and reviews on the Weightweenies forum.


Another company which Ive dealt with is, you will speak to Joe, who’s from England. They have new Hyper wheels, ceramic bearings. Carbon spoked. Can come with tubeless or tubular ready.

Winspace Interview for more info on Winspace and wheels.

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Yoleo, Farsports, LightBicycle and Winspace, appear to have nothing but good feedback. The best part is that all of them can be custom-ordered in any hub/spoke combination you like.

They aren’t as cheap as they used to be however. Having said that, any comparable wheels from the “big brands” still cost twice as much and don’t offer any customisation.